Karl's Corner - 10/03/2008

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10/03/08 Troublemaker Tour Show 13: St Paul - Xcel Energy Center


The Troublemaker Train arrived in the land of Charles Schulz ready to lay down the kind of show ol' Charlie probably wouldnt have liked too much, i.e. loud, wild, sweaty... all the essential ingredients of rocking out the way the Twin Cities do. The Xcel Energy Center has surely hosted some Snoopy On Ice-capades in the past. Snoopy On Ice is possibly the total opposite of a weezer show, although both surely stoke their audiences. Well, Snoopy is awesome, but I'm pretty sure he never had the nonstop crowdsurfing going on that Weezer had tonight!

Hey by the way, I didnt mean to imply Chicago wasnt all that and a bag of chips, because it was. Somehow I guess I was expecting two bags of chips, like at Subway when you get the extra value meal and run out of chips before you've finished your sub. Well, it happens to me sometimes anyway.

Here are some pix from tonight's show (click on them to see them bigger)




New interview with Brian on the In Utah This Week website.

New Webisode #11 "The Flame Of Desire" is now up exclusively on Weezer's Myspace Page! check it out!

RIVERS NEEDS YOUR STICKERS! Rivers needs to decorate his drum kit (the one on the side of the stage, not Pat's in the middle), and he wants stickers to do it. Years ago, you served my father in the Clone Wars; now - er, wait - I mean, years ago, Rivers asked for stickers for his guitar, and hundreds of you tossed envelopes loaded with crazy stickers onstage for days - his Stratocasters were quickly plastered! Can we count on you guys to come thru again? However you can get them to us works - if you see me (in the pit or elsewhere), pass 'em over - if youre close to the stage, toss em up there! Just write "Stickers for Rivers Drums" on the envelope! Thanks people!

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