Karl's Corner - 10/16/2008

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10/16/08 Webisode 12 & Weezerpedia!


Good Peoples, theres a new Weezer Webisode up now, exclusively on MySpace - Webisode 12: "Pat and Charlie go Guitar Shopping"! Shot in NYC a little while back, its a fun adventure for the whole family. Check it out, now on Myspace!

And meanwhile: recently, what must be the greatest Weezer fan site since the original RWA has launched - Weezerpedia! Weezerpedia is a fan run, fan edited conglomeration of Weezer info culled from all over the web. You might have seen some of this info before, on weezer.com and elsewhere, but never all in one wiki-style editable searchable database like it is on Weezerpedia! We're linking it up from .com because its so interesting and chock full of stuff for fans to check out. So look for this handy banner link on the weezer.com link list soon:


And in honor of the Weezerpedia launch, yours truly recently did a 2 part interview with the sites organizers. So while on Weezerpedia, look for the new 'Karl interview' parts 1 (video) and 2 (audio).

Note that Weezerpedia is a fansite for you and by you, so if you see questionable intel and suspect data, do what you would do on Wikipedia and sign up and improve it! (Disclaimer: Weezerpedia, while very cool, is not an official Weezer website and the info and any speculation or opinions expressed there do not necessarily reflect that of Weezer or DGC Records).