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Featured article: Summer Songs of 2000

Summer Songs of 2000 (also known as SS2K) are a group of songs that were demoed in 2000 and performed live by Weezer on their comeback summer tour that year.

After a flurry of solo demos in late 1999 and early 2000, Cuomo reconvened Weezer in order to lay down some recordings and prepare for an upcoming tour. The band, (then consisting of Cuomo, Mikey Welsh, Pat Wilson, and Brian Bell), were made an offer to join that year's Vans Warped Tour, a popular annual punk and alt rock festival. This exposure led to a series of dates on their own as well. Weezer's setlists during the tour typically consisted of classics from The Blue Album, Pinkerton, a couple of B-sides, and a rotation of as many as four of fourteen new songs. Many fans assumed that these songs would be recorded for a third Weezer album, and shortly thereafter, when referencing the songs, labeled them the "Summer Songs of 2000" (commonly abbreviated as SS2K).

The album features a humorous introduction created by Pat and Karl Koch, compiled from clips of the Brady Bunch.

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Featured song: Image:Play_on_spotify.png "Walt Disney"

"Walt Disney" is the fifteenth track on Alone II and was written in January 1995. The lyrics of the song make reference to the urban legend that Walt Disney was placed in suspended animation upon his death. The lyrics themselves deal with Cuomo's frustrations with touring:

"I tried to describe the frozen, numb condition I had fallen into after seven months in the spotlight on the road. The song had a beautiful, mellow sound. I really appreciated it and was grateful to it. It did capture the state of my life at the time."

Rivers has said that the "phone singing" line in the third verse was a stand in for Weezer's manager calling him to go over the details of the impending tour which he dreaded.

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Featured image

Mikey studies Creed: From Zero to Platinum intently during the making of The Green Album, in search for the secrets to success. On this day the basic tracks to "Island In The Sun", "Starlight", "Hash Pipe", "O Lisa", "O Girlfreind", "My Best Friends", "Crab", and "If You Want It" were laid down. This was featured in Karl's Corner.
December 29, 2000
Karl Koch

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On this day... August 2

  • 1994 - Weezer opens for Lush in St. Louis, MO at the Mississippi Nights on their Split Tour.
  • 1997 - Weezer performs in Nagoya, Japan at Club Quattro on the Pinkerton Tour.
  • 2002 - Weezer performs in Dallas, TX at the Smirnoff Music Center on the Enlightenment Tour.

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Weezer is currently in the studio recording their next album with Ric Ocasek. Check Weezer's tumblr for new pictures and videos every Wednesday (#weezerwednesday).

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