For the Ladies

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For the Ladies
For the Ladies cover
Demo by The Rentals
Released 2005
Recorded Spring 1995 at Poop Alley Studios
Length 40:00

For the Ladies is a collection of demos recorded by the Rentals at Poop Alley Studios in spring of 1995, possibly in consideration for an album of the same name [1]. Rentals frontman Matt Sharp released the demos to his website,, on December 11, 2005 [2].


The song "The Love I'm Searching For" ended up as the opening track on the band's debut album, Return of the Rentals. "It Must Be Wrong" and "Say Goodbye Forever" appeared on the album Seven More Minutes in 1999. The recording of "So Soon" from these sessions appeared as a b-side on the single release of "Friends of P" and was reworked into the song "The Cruise" during the sessions for Seven More Minutes.

Track list

  1. "Beautiful Girl" - 4:45
  2. "I've Been Had" - 3:26
  3. "It Must Be Wrong" - 5:10
  4. "Say Goodbye Forever" - 6:10
  5. "So Soon" - 4:32
  6. "Softly" - 4:30
  7. "The Love I'm Searching For" - 4:21
  8. "Wake Up" - 7:02

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