Weezer concert: 07/24/2002

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Weezer concert: 07/24/2002
Tour Enlightenment Tour
Venue Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theater
Location Wantagh, NY
Date July 24, 2002
Associated album Maladroit
Supporting acts Sparta, Dashboard Confessional
Bootleg Circulating
Weezer live show chronology
07/23/2002 - Holmdel, NJ 07/24/2002 - Wantagh, NY 07/25/2002 - New York, NY

Weezer performed at Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, NY on July 24, 2002 as part of the Enlightenment Tour. The opening acts were Sparta and Dashboard Confessional. The side stage performers Loudermilk, Rooney, Home Town Hero and AM Radio had their own concert at The Village Underground in New York, New York.


No. Title
1. "Improv"    
2. "No One Else"    
3. "Smile"    
4. "Why Bother?"    
5. "Only in Dreams"    
6. "Love Explosion"    
7. "Getchoo"    
8. "Buddy Holly"    
9. "Keep Fishin'"    
10. "Tired of Sex"    
11. "Undone - The Sweater Song"    
12. "Burndt Jamb"    
13. "El Scorcho"    
14. "In the Garage"    
15. "Island in the Sun"    
16. "The Good Life"    
No. Title
17. "Say It Ain't So"    
18. "Dope Nose"    

Karl's Corner

See Karl's Corner - 07/24/2002

Meanwhile the Jones Beach show was pretty epic. It was interesting to note the differences between this jones Beach show and the one last September. Tonights show was a lot easier to watch for the crowd, as it was a LOT warmer, and the wind was just breezy, not crazy like last year. And the band was a good deal stronger musically while more comfortable on stage, after months of growing more acclimated to these large scale shows, and overcoming all sorts of difficulties. It just plain rocked. To my suprise, Pat later said it was a rough show for him, but he has really grown as a musician over the years, so its getting really hard to tell when he's having problems on stage- he rages pretty hard most all the time, as do all the guys these days. As for this photographer, some draconian restrictions at Jones Beach limited my chances to get decent showtime photos tonight, so i apologize for the selection this time around.

- Karl Koch


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