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Alone XIV: The Black Album

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600px-Gnome globe current event.svg.png This article pertains to something that is currently in production and expected to be released.
Information on this page is subject to change as more is found out about this release.
Alone XIV: The Black Album
Alone XIV: The Black Album cover
Digital compilation by Rivers Cuomo
Released 2023
Format Digital
Recorded 2018
Rivers Cuomo chronology
Alone XIV: The Black Album

Alone XIV: The Black Album is an apparently forthcoming digital compilation by Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, consisting of demos for what would eventually become the band's eponymous 2019 album, The Black Album. It will be the fourteenth installment in the Alone series. Like other Alone entries released from 2020 onward, it will not be an album in the conventional sense, instead consisting of a folder of MP3s accessible through the cloud storage service Dropbox or through Cuomo's bespoke music streaming website/mobile app, Weezify. Cuomo added a placeholder for Alone XIV to his digital storefront in early 2023, though the compilation has yet to be released.


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