Karl's Corner - 02/01/2002

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02/01/02 Happy birthday to PATRICK WILSON!!!

...Nearly all the tracks have been mixed now, and mastering has begun. There are just a few tweaks and alterations to be done, and we should have a completed album in a matter of days! Today marked the last official day of band recording, though minor bits could be worked on as needed in the coming days. We are close!

...today marked Pat's birthday, and so a Chulchy Hen cake was prepared, as decreed by the village elders. Now, finally, Pat has become a man, and is old enough to ride a scooter standing up. He says that he still wants to ride sitting down for now though. When asked what he got for his birthday, he simply said "the good chelmsford blan-blan".

...Maladroit action!

  • In addition to the Seattle's 107.7 The End and Philly's Y-100, 103.7 WFNX in Boston is playing Maladroit tracks this weekend! Listeners have heard "Dope Nose" so far...
  • KWVA, university of oregon radio: the DJ says: "...I've been playing maladroit as much as possible, and people are really diggin it..."
  • KSCR Radio, USC: playing "Keep Fishin'"
  • WVFI; University of Notre Dame: playing Maladroit demos on the "Do I Look Crazy?" Show (Monday mornings, 8-9:30) Webcast here.
  • 88.7 WXJM; James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA: the DJ writes: "There's been some major air play of all of the Maladroit mp3's..."

...other cool radio stuff:

  • 102.1 The Edge in Toronto: "Island in the Sun" contest. Fans must send pictures showing how big of a weezer fan they are, and they give the best picture of the day tickets to the 2/14 Hamilton show. One hardworking winner's crazy photo is here. (now you can see what youre competing with!)
  • Y100 in Philadelphia is rebroadcasting all of weezer's Sonic Sessions on Sunday 2/3, during the super bowl. Weezer is going to be on at 5:20pm (2001 sonic session) and again at 10:30pm (1997 sonic session).