Karl's Corner - 02/24/2002

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02/24/02 you're definitely winning

...Hyper Extended Midget Tour Show #13: The Ice Palace, Tampa, FL:
About 1 year since weezer last hit Tampa's Sun Dome during the Outloud Tour, the guys returned to attempt rocking the even bigger Ice Palace, this time with Ozma once again, Saves the Day instead of the Get Up Kids, and a drumnmer and lead singer who continue to battle illness for the 4th day straight. Rivers was actually doing fair, with a croaky speaking voice that didnt affect his singing, while Pat was still running a fever and was majorly congested. But the rock stops for no one. While the Ice Palace did not entirely fill up the way the smaller Sun Dome did, there was still a respectable crowd who were definitely looking for a good time! I think they found it.

the fans say...

"...I went to last years weezer show here in tampa and i have to say that this one blew that show away by a mile!! Also I have to say that weezers performance was probably one of the best i have ever seen in my life!!! Scott kicked ass and i wasnt surprised that he would from everyones hype, he certainly lived up to all my expectations and then some. great job scott you rock!! The rest of the band of course kicked some serious hiney. rivers, brian, and pat are the best and thats the bottom line. Only in Dreams was by far the best rock performance i have ever seen!!! Thanks guys for coming here to Tampa and making all your loyal weezer fans happy once again!!! Rock on!" ---R.D.

"I went to last night's show at the ice palace. First off, allow me to state the obvious, it rocked. I was a little bit confused as to why the band seemed a little bit distant...almost as if they were sick. Then I found out that they were sick. That sucks. I hope that they feel better. It's cool though, cause even when they are sick, they still put on an incredible show!!! ---Justin F.


...Maladroit Action!

  • 92.3 KROCK, NYC: Not only playing Dope Nose, but playing ads that promote the fact that they are playing it! a DJ quote: "...here's one that sounds like it's blink 182 [...huh?...], but it's not. It's from Weezer's new album that I'm not going to even try to pronounce the name of. This is called Dope Nose".
  • KWOD 106.5 Sacramento: has started playing Dope Nose!
  • kexp 90.3, Seattle: "Keep Fishin'" was played Friday afternoon...
  • 107.1 WPGU the Planet, IL: Weezer won the "friday orgy", narrowly defeating Tenacious D for the throne. Therefore, acc to a fan, "...Next week Dope Nose will be played only on Monday during Stork Radio, but after that, it will be on regularly..."
  • 89.7 the River, Council Bluffs, IA: "Burndt Jamb" (original non lyrics version) heard in the background behind the DJs talking...

...international action!

  • a fan writes: "...[we] were down in Playa del Carmen, Mexico which is an hour south of Cancun...Much to our surprise we walked into this bar in town and heard "island in the sun" blasting over the loud speakers. We take pride in knowing that weezer is getting represented in such a small town in Mexico.
  • more Brazil: a fan writes: "...Weezer is quite famous [with] the alternative bands in Brazil, a lot of bands are very influenced by weezer's perfect sound. Here in my city, Porto Alegre, there's a band that actually recorded Buddy Holly in Portuguese. I think it's time for you to think of coming to Brazil... Oh, and Island In The Sun is being well-played on a lot of good radio [stations] here. If you come to this coustry, you'll be well received..."

...Pat Wilson is up for drummer of the year in the Calfornia Music Awards. Fans can vote for him and Weezer (best alt/rock album, etc.) at musician.com.