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Karl's Corner - 02/11/2002

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02/11/02 the N, the Y, the C, the N, the J, the N, the Y, the C, its Jersey...

"...i work at the wherehouse over in santa barbara, one of those music/video stores...the other day one of the managers brought in a burned copy of the maladroit tracklist...and the response was surprising, especially during "take control"- when i told them it was weezer, they seemed pretty stoked. the whole album sounds incredible blasting throughout the store..." ---Roman

...Hyper Extended Midget Tour Show #5: Continental Airlines Arena, NJ:

Guest Report: (the first one that came in...)

"...I was out buying an ozma t-shirt when the concert started. Ozma took the stage and rocked the house...I noticed that not a lot of people in the crowd liked ozma but me and my friend wore our shirts with pride. When they played the tetris song and battle scars, I could see the crowd was starting to get into it. Soon, their set was over and Saves The Day was up next. I'm not a big fan of them but i sat through a couple of songs. It was ok. Some catchy songs and some really dislikeable ones too. I left to get a soda and i came back to see that they were gone. Now it was time to prepare. I was very very excited. I ended up starting the wave with my pals and a group of guys behind us. Now this wave was going all around the venue and back to us. I even saw a bit of wave action happening on the floor. The lights soon grew dim. The house started to scream and the opening chords of island in the sun were played. But i remember the first thing Rivers said was, "Who's my bitch" or something along those lines. They later played "dope nose" and "keep fishin", that was a big shocker. That might have been the best "only in dreams" i have heard. Scott was doing these crazy stances with his bass and Brian was playing amazing. Pat's drumming was unbelieveable. Best playing yet. Rivers voice was incredible too. A lot of emotion was let out. The encore then came. There was another attempt at a wave but it failed. Weezer soon came on and played "buddy holly". I liked that a lot. Then "surfwax" was played. Pardon my potty mouth, but holy s--- did Rivers shred! He started messing around with the tuning of his strings. Scott's bass was left near the amp for feedback and Pat did a drum roll then left by throwing his arms in the air and waving to us. But Rivers just kept going. The guitar was making a very wavey type sound which died out just as the dimmed the lights to the big flying W. So all in all, it was a good show. Rating: 10 baby!" -Harrison


...Reminder: in honor of the bands 10th anniversary coming up, "International Weezer T-Shirt Day" has been moved to February 14th, this coming Thursday! This is a grassroots fan effort. I guess the basic idea is to wear your weezer shirt, and look for others doing the same!

...Speaking of the 10th Anniversary, a fan has started a special guestbook to sign in honor of the big 10th year of weezer. Have a look and sign in!

...here's a cool fan's self-made comic strip website. his current storyline features the characters going to a weezer concert...

...and Here's a really cool brand new interview with Pat, done for the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper.

...Maladroit action!

  • 93.9 Plattsburgh NY: 'dope nose' and 'keep fishin' played during the "3 Hour Tour" show.
  • Live 105.3 San Francisco: "Dope Nose" was the Pick at Six, monday 2/11!
  • 102.1 The Edge in Dallas: goin nuts for "Dope Nose"! the DJs are going off, and its been in the top five most requested songs of the day for several days.
  • WSRI: University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire's Student Radio Initiative: playing "Maladroit" songs during their webcast, Mondays 4pm-6pm CST.
  • 92.1 fm WPTS, U. of Pittsburgh: the DJ writes: "...on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2002, from 8am-10am, we'll be giving away 2 pairs of floor seats for the Pittsburgh show on the 18th. You have to answer some sort of Weezer trivia to win the tickets..."
  • 105.9 The X, Pittsburgh: has declared this week "weezer week".
  • 90.5 WVBU Bucknell University: playing "Dope Nose" during "The Morning Show With John and Chris" 5:30am-9am
  • "...I work at a grocery store in Maine and it's the largest chain on the east coast...anyways, the muzak that they play in the store is broadcast from the corporate office and what do i hear playing at 8 in the morning but a maladroit demo of "Death and Destruction"! Being 8 in the morning, and then hearing Weezer almost made the day fun, but then i realized that i was a lowly bagboy that was in the middle of cleaning a bathroom at the time..." ---Zach

...international Green/Maladroit Action!

  • Italy!! "...'Island in the sun' and 'Photograph' are getting a hell of a lot of time on air here in Italy on K-Rock (104.35FM Bologna-Modena-Reggio Emilia area) and on Antenna Uno Rock Station (104.7 Modena). On friday night K-Rock played 'Dope nose' and 'Keep Fishin' and had a poll about the two songs. Apparently Keep Fishin won..." ---Dr. Simone S.

...Photograph video: