Karl's Corner - 02/08/2002

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02/08/02 three, thats the magic number

...Hyper Extended Midget Tour Show #3: Tsongas Arena, Lowell, MA:
Third time's the charm! This is the show that sold out all 7000 tickets in 15 minutes, and this was just about the coziest arena rock show ever, with everyone packed in and the temperature nice and warm (er, maybe a little too warm!) A last minute set change gave the crowd "Take Control", its first public performance since being revived for the "Maladroit" sessions.

...openers Ozma and Saves The Day....

...here's a new interview with Pat for The Daily Collegian, Penn State's newspaper...

...Maladroit action!

  • 102.1 The Edge, Dallas, TX: "Dope Nose" was #3 on the "ten o' clock news"! That means it was the third most requested song of the day!
  • 91X (91.1 FM), San Diego; "Dope Nose" is now being played!
  • "Middle Tennesee TV" played "Dope Nose" Thursday (this is a radio station apparently?)
  • WTBU, Boston University: "the Block Party" show, on Thursdays 12-2pm, will be featuring 'Maladroit' Next week (Valentines Day, 2/14: Weezer's 10th anniversary!) ...plus lots of weez from all albums--a 2 hour all weez show! Website here.
  • Pure Radio 88.7 WRFW @ UW-River Falls, WI: "The Extra Special Goodness" show airs on Sunday Nights/Monday Mornings from 11:59 pm to 2:01 am (CT) (website here) has been playing "Dope Nose" and "Keep Fishin'", and plan on playing lots more from "Maladroit"...

...strange action!

  • 102.3 FM in Tulsa, Oklahoma is playing a remake of "Hash Pipe" ...Homer Simpson, of all people, is the singer and the song is called "Duff Light."....(ok...)

...Green Action: Europe!
more info on what's up in France from Pascal...
"...the ad for "island in the sun" is played on prime time, airing goes on a lot and the album seems to sell very well (as compared to when it was released: 30 copies at first for my whole city, Marseille) and i saw that in the virgin megastore, the whole 3 albums' pile getting thinner, and a whole box of new copies waiting. it's cool here, and it seems that people become more aware of what is worth listening to, i mean my country's opinion was to say that rock was dead with radiohead, so you see, what a bunch of morons i am part of....anyway, next time they're touring france ,they could easily play every major city (paris, lyon, marseille ,bordeaux, nantes, strasbourg....)"