Karl's Corner - 02/19/2002

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02/19/02 ...if ya wanna make an omlette...

...Wild Maladroit action!
Today, "Dope Nose" was officially added to playlists at:

  • 106.7 KROQ, Los Angeles
  • 94.7 The Zone, Chicago

...you know, its rather amazing that a track from an album that hasn't even been submitted to the record label has been added to the biggest modern rock station in the country! Now thats the power of Rock, and the mystery of Roll.

tour dates 2 portugal dates have been added for the forthcoming euro tour. also, remy zero is confirmed to open the uk dates!

...the bad news is that our mp3s and Audio Video page was taken down today, and I don't know how or why, or if/when we'll get it back...I suppose that this means that if there were any other stations who were planning on downloading a track to play on their programs, they wont be able to get it! Bummer.

...in other Maladroit-ish action:

  • WPGU 107.1 the Planet, IL: "Dope Nose" on "Hump it or Dump it", won! Will appear in The Big Friday Orgy with Bickham along with last weeks orgy champion, Tenacious D-"Tribute", and whoever wins, wins "hump it or dump it" this week. The finals start at 10:30p.m. on Friday, e-mail votes to onair@wpgu.com
  • 102.1 Dallas/Ft. Worth continues to play "Dope Nose"
  • Q101 WKQX, Chicago is playing "Dope Nose" as of yesterday! DJ said: "..I'm grinnig from ear to ear, i have NEW NEW NEW like BRAND NEW Weezer. Now just let me say this. This song was made for air guitar, how could you not? I mean, come one, you cant not do it. It'd be like saying, dont breathe for 2 minutes..."
  • Z104.5 the Edge in Tulsa, Oklahoma is playing "Half Pipe," a remake of "Hash Pipe," to commemorate the U.S. snowboard team's sweep at the Olympics.

...weezer and I were still asleep in our bunks aboard the bus enroute to Nashville TN this morning, when at about 8:30 AM there was an extremely loud explosive noise followed by a terrible racket. The bus swayed erraticly as the driver fought to keep it under control and slow down to pull off to the side of the road. What had happened was one of the front tires had a blowout, which is a much rarer and more dangerous occurance than when one of the 8 rear tires goes. The driver did a fantastic job keeping the bus under control and later said there was nothing in the road and visibility was perfect. It seems that sometimes bus tires, which are the same huge size as semi truck tires, just blow out. But front ones almost NEVER do, and its dangerous when they do! Everyone was briefly freaked out, having been awoken from deep sleep by what sounded like a bomb going off followed by a roar that ceased only when we finally pulled over a minute later. Scott later said that when he awoke he felt sure that we were crashing. Personally to me it sounded like we had had a collision with something for sure.

We found ourselves on the side of the highway in the middle of Kentucky somewhere. The driver summoned help but learned that the bus wouldnt be fixed for at least 4 hours. Fortunately the crew bus was about 1 hour behind us, so we decided to hitch a ride on that bus when they caught up, and our band bus would simply have to catch up later. A very interesting and heart-thumping start to a 'day of rest'...

...note: additional pix of the Rochester Blue Cross Arena are posted on www.pitmag.net.