Karl's Corner - 02/09/2002

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02/09/02 The (other) town so nice they named it twice

...Hyper Extended Midget Tour Show #4: First Union Center, Wilkes Barre, PA:
Now were getting into the groove. Today's show was smooth and ran pretty much like clockwork. It almost felt too smooth for a while there, but the crowd and the band seemed to increase the level of wild rock as the night went on...

...Unfortunately some sort of nasty flu or stomach virus seems to be going around now, first striking Dan the Lighting Man this morning, then attacking Kenny the new bass n drum tech. Both of them struggled to survive working thru the show, and somehow made it. We thought it was isolated food poisoning at first, but then we got word near the end of the night that someone in the Ozma camp had suddenly taken ill. Everyone is crossing their fingers that it goes no further now, as we head for a merciful day off, a chance for those under the weather to recover!

...Maladroit action!

  • WBNY 91.3 Buffalo NY: rocking Maladroit songs Thursdays at 1 PM every week. (website here).
  • The Lion 90.7fm, Penn State Student Radio (WKPS): the DJ writes: "On "Indie 500" (Weekdays 11am-3pm, Sat & Sun 5-7pm), we're playing various demos and Maladroit tracks in anticipation of the Weezer concert in town this Wednesday. This coming Monday (2/11) from 11am-1pm we're having a special "Maladroit Monday" show with all the new album tracks (and much more)." (website here).
  • 104.9 San Francisco: "Dope Nose" getting played!
  • 102.1 Dallas: playing "Dope Nose"!