Karl's Corner - 02/06/2002

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02/06/01 get up brothers! do any kind of dance thats groovy to you

...day off: Rochester. RockChester. Rah Cha Cha.

...Heres a video mini-treat for you, on the 'audio video' page, a 2-camera clip from Charlotte's "Burndt jamb" performance...more of this type of tour footage to follow as I improve my techniques...

...more Maladroit action!

  • Seattle's 107.7 theend: "Dope Nose" won over "Keep Fishin' " this past weekend with 64% of the vote. Then Dope Nose debuted at number 8!
  • Philly's Y100: "Weezer Wednesday" ("Dope Nose" VS. "Keep Fishin' ") : "...The winner was supposed to be announced at 10:20 pm, but after a day of voting the results were TIED! The winner will be announced tomorrow at 5 p.m. after further voting and Internet tallying..."
  • CJAM 95.1fm, Windsor, Ontario: both 'take control' and 'dope nose' are getting played!
  • y101 richmond, VA: playing dope nose, and its winning more cage matches! (won VS. Sevendust 2/5)
  • San Diego's 91x played dope nose 2/6, touting it as the "next song from weezer's upcoming cd"
  • The Pulse-91.9 FM KUHI, St Louis; DJ sez: "everything from American Gigolo to December has gotten some action..."
  • WBTU Boston University: The "Comfortably Numb" show (Wednesday Night/Thurs Morns from 11PM-1AM PST) has played "Smile", "Zep Song", and "Take Control". The DJ takes requests via AOL IM! (Screen Name: WBTU DJ) (or email

...Photograph Video: Still #1 on Much Music USA's "Oven Fresh"!