Karl's Corner - 02/17/2002

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02/17/02 capital, simply capital

...Hyper Extended Midget Tour Show #9: Pepsi Arena, Albany, New York:
...The Albany people were pumped. This was their first weez show in a year and they were ready and willing to go nuts! Tonight was a "heavy moshing" night, with tons of crowd surfers tumbling over the line during almost every song. Also, the extremely dangerous "ripping up the ice-covering floorboards and riding them on the crowd" thing happened again tonight, and these werent just wooden boards! They were ultra dense heavy synthetic boards, like high density plastic or something. I really hope no one was hit by one of those...(I wasnt hit this time, I was staying far away from those things!) ...Chaos!

"The Good life" made it into the set tonight, the first time that's happened since May 2001 during the Hooptie Tour. Overall this was a really solid show, good sounding, and good vibes all around.

...Ozma and Saves The Day, both being weird in a nice way...

...Maladroit Action!

  • Q101 Chicago: playing "Dope Nose"! its "weezer weekend" on Q101, people can call in to win a weezer cd pack and the grand prize is a trip to see weezer in London!
  • the EDGE 102.1, Dallas/Ft. Worth: "Dope Nose" getting played!
  • 99x, Atlanta: played on the "sunday school" rare track program: a fan writes: "...tonight (feb 17) the dj said that he downloaded 2 weezer tracks from weezer.com, and played both of them during the show ("dope nose" and "keep fishin")..."