Karl's Corner - 02/02/2002

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02/02/02 a roller skating jam called "Saturdays"

...hey its 2/2/02! that must mean something, right? ...maybe not.

[edit: oh yeah, Groundhog's Day!! of course.]

...today was kinda like the part in Scooby Doo cartoons where everyone splits up to track down the villain: I don't think anyone even saw each other today! With 2 days to go before we ship out to North Carolina, today was a time for laundry to get done, soccer games to attend, meetings to be had, phone calls to be made, and (in my case) camera equipment to track down. Once again I'll be documenting the tour in photos and video, only now ive got some new bits of equipment to throw in the mix, including the accesories needed to capture the guys from 2 angles at once... Never fear, plans are indeed afoot to make good use of all this footage that gets accumulated. If things go our way, youll be seeing much more than what can be shared on the website!

...and by the way, big thanks to those who have written in with nice things to say about the "Photograph" video. It was my first video and I know it was kinda shakey in places. I promise to keep working on my technique, and hopefully improve as time goes on... And I apologize to those of you who have been unable to locate the video for viewing. While its best seen on TV, I realize that some fans live far from areas with the specific cable access needed. For those totally without the required channels, its been called to my attention that the video has been encoded by fans and posted for download on several different video and weezer fans sites across the web...

...Maladroit radio update: WFNX is more than just Boston as it turns out! "Dope Nose" is being heard in four states on three different frequencies....101.7 (boston/MA) 92.1 ( Maine and New Hampshire) and 103.7 (Rhode Island and parts of Connecticut) ...coolness.