Karl's Corner - 02/28/2002

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...the wheels are turning and churning in the weez world, and everyone is busy busy busy, taking care of whopping amounts of business in very short periods of time. I wish I could be more specific, especially about the project ive been busting my own hump on for the last 2 days, because its gonna be pretty cool (I hope!)... But trust me, all will be revealed asap. Anyway, from around the country some pretty amazing stories have been coming in... people are hearing a hell of a lot of "Maladroit" already, and they seem to like what theyre hearing! I know some of you folks dont like to read these radio news bits, but these are the kinds of things that are stoking the band and getting everyone in the weez camp psyched about the wild rollercoaster of activity to come...

...heavy Maladroit action!

  • 102.7 WEQX Manchester, VT: playing Dope Nose, on Friday it made its debut on "the top 5 at 5:00" at # 5.
  • WRCU Hamilton, Colgate University: started playing Dope Nose.
  • 103.3 The Edge, Buffalo, NY: "Dope Nose" has been added
  • WFSE 88.9 The Edge, Edinboro University: playing Dope Nose, Keep Fishin', Fall Together, Death and Destruction, Slob, Slave, Take Control, December, all now in their "heavy playlist library"
  • 89x's Vince Cannova says "we will now be playing "dope nose" and "take control" regularly."
  • 107.7 The X: started playing Dope Nose.
  • 106.7 KROQ, LA: the DJ said to a "Dope Nose" requester: "...Most people who call in, I just want to slam them on the head with a tire iron.... but you... I wanna just give you a big hug!!" Also: Dope Nose was #3 on the furious 5 at 9, and is the #18 most played song.
  • "The Fox" 100.5, Louisville, KY: played their world premiere of "Keep Fishin".
  • Z-104.4 The Edge in Tulsa, Oklahoma: played "Dope Nose" last night on their "Nine O'clock New Thing." Seven out of the ten callers who called in liked it.
  • 90.3 KEXP Seattle: played 'slob'
  • Live 105.3 SF: Dope Nose got a "World Premiere", and is giving away tickets to go see Weezer in London...
  • 94.7 Chicago: Dope Nose was #3 on the online 9 countdown.
  • fm99, VA: started playing Dope Nose.
  • 104.9 SF: playing both Dope Nose and keep fishin'
  • 91.1 KXUL University of Louisiana - Monroe: "Take Control" is at #33 on their top 40 page.
  • 92.1 Independent Radio, San Diego: now playing Dope Nose.
  • WBRU Rhode Island: playing dope nose as their "screamer of the week" , and played a midnight block of new weezer: dope nose, keep fishin, fall together, slave, slob, december, take control, and death and desruction
  • KQXR 100.3 the X, Boise Idaho: having a "too much Weezer Weekend" with a new Weezer song every hour on the hour.
  • 102.1 The Edge, Toronto: now playing Dope Nose.
  • K-ROCK, Utica NY: played both "Dope Nose" and "Fall Together" on their "Two Tunes". a fan writes: "...Well, with Weezer vs. Weezer, Weezer won, with Dope Nose to compete tomorrow night against... Weezer!..."

...international action!

  • a Peruvian fan writes: "...in Lima, Peru, Weezer gets a lot of airplay in rock radio stations, especially in 99.1 "Doble Nueve", where last year Hash Pipe, Island in the Sun, Simple Pages (!) and Photograph recieved a lot of airplay (not to mention classics like Undone and Buddy Holly). DOPE NOSE has been recieving good airplay since the beginning of this month. It's one of the most requested songs..."
  • ...a Brazilian fan writes: "...Unfortunately, in Sao Paulo, the people listen to commercial music. Sometimes, the rock n roll stations play Weezer, but, the record company in Brazil, that takes care of Weezer, should make more spread/commercial. I remember at 1995, Weezer announced the finish of band. [...eh??...] Then, the record company didn't release the first album in Brazil. When Weezer announced the return, then the record company released the first album in Brazil, but it was later. Until today, Weezer didn't find space in the radios of Sao Paulo. In the South of Brazil Weezer is quite famous, because the people who live there is different..."
  • France! Pascal writes: "...this week "island in the sun" is #20 making it the #1 rock single, the green album is#44 (+12 steps this week!!) ...they 're becoming popular , mainstream i should say .everybody knows ,some people i know come and ask me about old songs they wanna get...but my friends as well as the other fans i meet dont like that :"i hate all these bimbos singing island in the sun ,weezer is my band ,i knew them first ,they're not everybody's band!!!" my friend aurelie said. A funny thing also...a lot of parents i know like them and tell me about that ,like my darling's dad ,who heard it on france info i think ,which is not the 1st radio you would listen if u wanna hear rock music...this "weez wave" has these dumbheads radiohead's fans who sed "huh ,rock music is dead" shut up!! also ,the national rock radio " le mouv" is using hash pipe for one of their jingles ,and they play from time to time buddy holly ,but they should play dope nose..."

...new interview with Pat: at www.breakdanceglove.com.

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