Karl's Corner - 06/02/2008

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06/02/08 Twas The Night Before The Red Album

06/02/08 Twas The Night Before The Red Album

By now you might be aware that Weezer is releasing their 6th album tomorrow. Tomorrow! The wait is over. It doesnt seem possible, but its been over 3 years since the release of 'Make Believe'. So much has changed in the last few years, but happily a renewed commitment to rocking out and exploring new musical territory has taken a strong hold. Get ready to rock!

iTunes people: While this link will NOT be active till early morning tuesday, I'm putting it here now because I may not have access to my computer later tonight. So note that until it works, it ain't gonna work! Here's THE ITUNES WEEZER RED ALBUM LINK (a bit early).

Weezer is Mtv's Artist of the week! Many many HOURS of NEW and classic weezer material on Mtv all this week!!!

Photo of Sena the greyhound (who loves weezer) courtesy Juana from Spain! Thanks!