Karl's Corner - 06/19/2008

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06/19/08 Yahoo/L.A. Hootenanny info! and PDX Hoot report!

06/19/08 Yahoo/L.A. Hootenanny info! and PDX Hoot report!

Today was the Portland Hootenanny, which was held at the beautiful Oaks Park amusement park in a building known as The Dance Hall. Rivers found some lifesize R2-D2's in a back room which were immediately purloined to add decor. As was an antique carnival camel. Then in came the peeps, carrying a dizzying array of instruments. The band (sans injured reserve Pat) had a blast, and the hootenanny sounded great! Great job from the Portland hootenanny class of '08! Post show the guys decided they had to take a spin around the go kart track convieniently located next to the Dance Hall.

...info you need! The Yahoo/L.A. Hootenanny info! check it out!

Here is you chance to play music with Weezer! If you can play an instrument, we want you. Weezer is taping their version of Nissan Live Sets on Yahoo! on Monday June 23rd.

Bring a friend - but we ask that they at least be able to sing, and like you, rehearse the songs a little beforehand. After you jam out with the band there will be time for questions and answers with the band.

Here is what we will need from you:
1. Available from noon to 5pm on Monday June 23rd in Los Angeles, CA
2. You must be at least 13 years old to attend. Fans under 18 must be accompanied by an adult
3. You must provide your own transportation and accommodations (if necessary).

To be considered as a guest to the smallest Weezer show ever taped, email the following to WEEZERHOOT@YAHOO.COM :

1. A link (Youtube or other) showing us your hootenanny skills playing a tune or two
2. Your full name as it appears on valid photo ID, your (1) guest’s full name as it appears on their valid photo ID.
3. What instrument you are bringing... suggestions:

* Think acoustic guitars, banjos, fiddles, flutes, handbells, mariachis, accordions, didgeridoos, ukuleles, bongos – anything you can carry in one hand
* Please no instruments larger than a person, no electric instruments, no carrying cases or free-standing instruments
* One instrument per person only

Scroll down for a video explanation from the band of what the hootenanny is and how to play the songs!

The songs you will be playing and/or singing with the band are:
Pork and Beans
Island In The Sun
Say It Aint So
El Scorcho
Creep by Radiohead
Beverly Hills

You will be playing and singing with the band. This is not a joke. If you want to rock with the Weez we would love to have you. It is going to be an amazing event.

If you’d like to be part of a Q&A segment with Weezer, submit your smart, insightful, clever question for the band when you submit the above and you just might be part of the taping!

So send your email submission as quickly as possible to help your chances of being picked. These limited spaces will fill fast! You will receive an email confirmation with more details if chosen.


This invitation is not transferable, without the express permission of Yahoo!. Yahoo! Reserves the right to rescind any invitation, at any time, in its sole discretion.