Karl's Corner - 06/05/2008

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06/05/08 call the Chan Chan sisters

06/05/08 call the Chan Chan sisters

We now have updated (final) release dates for the UK:
Red Album: all physical and digital (standard and deluxe versions) will come out on June 16th.
The commercial single “Pork & Beans” release date remains June 23rd.

***AND! In the USA...
There will be a 180 Gram Red Album deluxe edition vinyl LP! We dont have a release date yet but it will be fairly soon. Dont have the details yet, but it will probably be a 2 disc set with high quality packaging etc.

Check out Weezer Webisode #3, up now on Imeem.com!

I trust everyone is by now enjoying their regular or deluxe edition of the Red Album. If not, well what are you waiting for? The rock waits for no one!

After the shooting of the Pork And Beans video was completed, Tay Zonday sat down with weezer for an interview - as the interviewer! Excerpts and some video from this historic event are now on Mtv.com here.

...as seen on the Weezer Myspace page, here is a zip file download of a new weezer desktop image (in 4 sizes depending on your screen's resolution).

...now there is a weezer slideshow feature at slide.com - create a weezer themed slideshow!

...Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" got voted into the Rolling Stone's "Top 100 Guitar Songs Ever" at #72! (Also in the print edition).

...Deluxe Edition booklet typos: Okay there are a couple of intentional typos (they should be fairly obvious), several accidental ones and unfortunately a few key things were omitted from the booklet and will be included in future printings: #1 is the Miss Sweeney writing credit - Rivers did not write the song alone: our own Sarah C. Kim supplied some very key lyrics! And for "Automatic", Joe Baressi is supposed to be credited as an engineer. Sorry guys, we'll fix it in pressing #2, alsong with several typo errors in the interview parts.

...todays "seafood =w=" photo courtesy Paul L. Of New Brunswick Canada!