Karl's Corner - 06/22/2008

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06/22/08 travel/chill day

06/22/08 travel/chill day

Travelling back to L.A. today, gearing up for the special Yahoo style Hootenanny tomorrow. As I write this, it appears "Pork And Beans" is about to crack 8 weeks at #1 on the modern rock chart, while its flirts with the "Hot 100" pop charts too. Over the pond in the UK, tomorrow marks the release of the UK Pork And Beans single, on cd and 2 different 7"s.

Todays photo (large size here) shows the L.A. Galaxy's David Beckham in front of a huge Red Album banner. At this recent game in L.A. on 6/7, The Red Album was played over the PA system and a lucky section of seats got a free copy of the CD!

Weezer tribute band alert - "Say It Ain't So" is playing 6/28 at My House Bar & Lounge - located at 609 Washington St. in Quincy, Massachusetts.