Karl's Corner - 10/04/2002

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10/04/02 the people in the back let you know who's whack

...your official 'welcome to Autumn' photo/70's prog-rock album cover...

"...I am an old core fan since way back from '94. I am in the Marines and currently deployed to the Phillipines for 'Operation Enduring Freedom Phillipines'. Let me tell you, Weezer is a life savior out here. Before I left I recorded all of the bands albums onto a mini disc, so now when I am feeling down I just pop it in and within the first min of listening I am ready to go again. I am rocking just about every day, and no kiddin sitting in the jungle listening to my favorite band is something I will never forget. Rock on and keep supplying that good 'ol sound!"
---Cpl W., USMC [aka 'Locke' on the bboards]

...press alert: the November issue [Foo cover] of SPIN is out, and has 2 weez-related articles, one a recounting of how the weezer/G n' R show in London came about, the other a full review of the August Enlightenment Tour show in Irvine CA.

...There are 2 new interviews with our fave drummerman Pat Wilson now, one online at weezur.com, the other in Static Zine. The Static Zine website is here.

...there was a little delay in getting the 2003 weezer calendar onto our online store, but it should be up any minute. Once its up, please note that the online store ships worldwide, so the calendar can be ordered from anywhere.

...Tribute alert! Looks like the THIRD weezer tribute album is on the way...not much info, but a tracklist and pre-order info is available here.

The Lion And The Witch: Update
As of this writing, both twistandshout.com
and rasputinmusic.com are still taking online orders for the EP.

There is a nifty fan created Lion and the Witch numbering registration website here. And by the way, the original Maladroit numbering registration website is still active, here.

Keep Fishin' report:

  • US cd single:[contains the radio version plus the "Franklin Mint" version of the song, limited run].

Where to find it [as reported by fans so far...]

Detroit, MI area:
Ann Arbor: Borders Books & Music....Utica: Rock-A-Billy's at 8411 Hall Road, just east of Van Dyke...Sterling Heights: Best Buy...Westland, MI: Best Buy...

Boston, MA area:
Harvard Square: Newbury Comics...Cambridge/Fresh Pond: Newbury Comics...Hanover: Circuit City...Kingston: FYE in Independence Mall...

Houston, TX area:
Houston: Wherehouse on Westheimer at Dairy Ashford...Sam Goody's in the Deerbrook Mall...Houston Borders Books and Music...

other areas:
Richmond, VA: Plan 9...

  • video:

Mtv Europe: The video was voted to #1, up from #14, on this weeks web-charts! The countdown show was premiered on monday 1p.m. - 2p.m. You can vote online here.

fan news:
German weezer fans! stepping into the small but growing world of German weez fandom is the german weezerfest-site! Webmaster Jakob says: "there has to be a platform, where weezerfans can take the chance to live the weezer. And German weezerfests are going to take place! (A friend of mine has excellent sound/light equipment, and our college in Cologne is going to give us the place to make a weezerfest)". Check out the site, theres a message board too.

weezer.tk has started a new messageboard, the weezer party board..."good times. great memories. free chicken karma."

United Arab Emirates fan report!
"...I'm a fan from the UAE. i've known them since i was 10, and was jumping up and down when Maladroit finally reached the stores here! they started selling weezer cds here since..2001. my brother and i decided to go out one day to the biggest musicstore here: and even though you don't really have a huge variety..everybody gets most of the stuff they want. we went down the aisle to look for bands beginning with W, and right there was the green album. we immediately bought it - even though cds cost..55 dirhams here. a few weeks later, the green album was put in under the section as "the album most sold". we had island in the sun played on the radio a year ago and most of us got to say keep fishin' on tv a number of times. well, i tell you, the fanbase here is definitely growing! and it's all together-ly awesome because now a lot of middleeast countries know about them and tons of people are getting to know them. i hope we get a lot from you guys in the future! thanks." ---Samar

The Pascal report: France
"...i got the ep ! the virgin megastore has some in Marseille, and it seems that it's available in almost every cities !! so cool...i was in Reading, man, it was a blast ! thanks so much for giving the show, it's so cool!...also i was thinkin of somethin : u know , marseilles is a big city, so if i go up to england to see weezer, could come down to marseille one of these days? anyway, still nothin about keep fishin cuz they still play dope nose a lot! u know, "le mouv" the rock station; they're all over dope nose, all my life ,no one knows and nada surf 's new stuff ! rad." ---Pascal