Karl's Corner - 10/20/2002

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10/20/02 the mystery of Roll

...they knew what was up, but they weren't talking!...

...can't escape the weez department:
Many people have written in tonight about something that [for once] I also saw. On tonight's episode of 'The Sopranos', "Island In The Sun" was heard during a scene in which characters Carmela and Adriana were working out at the gym. The song was in the background, as the gym music, but easy to hear to weez-trained ears. One fan adds: "I think it was a play on Adriana's complicated situation this season on the show."

...police blotter 3 ['cant escape with the weez' dept]
"...I feel sorry for all those people who've lost their beloved weezer CDs due to car theft and break-ins. My tale is diferent. My Jeep Cherokee was stolen and all my CD's were in it. At the time I didn't own a weezer CD and hadn't even considered it. But when all my music was taken, a friend from school suggested I go buy a weezer cd and I did. I've been hooked on weezer ever since...so some good came out of it. By the way, the day my jeep was stolen, was the same day I worked at the drive thru window of my fast food job and guess which car drove up to the window that night! MY JEEP! I caught that kid red handed and got my jeep back, but not my CDs sadly. The driver was an 8th grader....The kid ended up having to pay me restitution and had to go to boot camp for a year. He did $1400 of damage in that one day! You should have seen the cops JUMP on him when they came...and cops are heavy! Hahah, that's what he gets for car theft!" ---Jessica R.