Karl's Corner - 10/16/2002

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10/16/02 I am moving all day and not moving at all

...weez police blotter!

1. "...This morning I got ready for work and proceeded out to my Jeep Wrangler only to find it broken into and vandalized. I was obviously angry but after noticing that my 25+ home made weezer cd's were missing, it was extremely difficult to handle. So here's some words of advice, don't ever own a Jeep Wrangler in Mt. Washington (downtown Pittsburgh), you're toast. The punks were probably Creed fans." ---Jim

2. "...It was just a normal day at school until I walked my way up to the parking lot at the end of the day. I noticed that the door to my car was unlocked and as I took a gander into the window of my car I was filled with total dismay. Someone had busted the back hatch of my 93' Ford Explorer and stolen my CD player, speakers, and my long running collection of CD's (Atleast 120). Now these are not burned CD's they are the real deal. The reason I'm tellin you this is because in all this chaos and dilemna the most important items, my Weezer CD's, were taken. I HAD all of them, I even had 6 mixes of demo, unreleased, acoustic etc..." ---Denny

...so heres a goodwill message for those in troubled times...good luck!

Folks are starting to ask if they've been missing something. Whats the weez up to? No, you havent missed something...The overall plan hasnt changed: make a new record this fall. They havent started it yet, so all's well. When new info is ready, youll get it, never fear. Meanwhile, the plans for the Weezer DVD continue along. The Geffen/Interscope people are currently scrutinizing the tons of footage that I turned in, looking for things that we will need permission to use, and the occasional item that might need a bit of "fogging" [like how they blur everbodys shirts in a Snoop Dogg video]. I may have to re-edit several parts, and add text stuff to some of them, but the vast majority of the footage is finished. And yes, theres a vast amount. If everything goes well, this DVD should wind up packed with the maximum amount of footage you can fit on it! Again, as more info comes down, you'll get it first.