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10/28/02 cuz your eyes have a mist like the smoke from a distant fire

10/30 update: more pix and stories added!

...The December 2002 issue of Modern Drummer has a lengthy article/interview with drummer man Pat Wilson. And thanks to the quick work of weezur.com, you can check it out instantly, online. Its good readin', have a look!

amherst house party report...

this past Saturday, Oct 26th marked the end of an era, with a final party being held at 2226 Amherst Avenue in West L.A. This is the house that weezer lived and rehearsed in way back in 1992-1994, and since then has remained a musician friendly house. This small house contains The Garage, the same garage seen in the "Say it Aint So" video and on the inside of the Blue Album CD. The Garage and house looks a lot like it used to, but all thats soon to change, with the landlord giving the musical types the boot soon, and redoing the entire property top to bottom. The house has hosted a lot of wild parties over the years [possibly contributing to the landlords current decision...], but this party was a special one, marking the beginning of the end of this bit o' weez history.

Several fans negotiated the confusing street plans of West L.A. and located the house that night, heres some comments and pictures from them...

"...I made it to the house last night and it was...unbelievable. There were quite a few people there; the ones who were able to grasp the meaning and importance of the location were in the garage. When I arrived, a few kids were trying to play a cover of "say it ain't so" in honor of all that is weezer, and the guitarist didn't know the song, so I volunteered. It took a while for them to decide to let me play (they didn't think a girl could do it)...but it happened and it was great and I'll never forget it. A big thanks to "sweet billy" (david) for letting people come into his house. When I was leaving, I couldn't find him among the large crowd of people outside." ---Andrea M. [legwater]

"...I was pretty nervous at frist, because first of all I didn't know who was going to be there, or what was happening. I went with a couple of friends and arrived around 11. We had a little bit of trouble finding the house, so we just kind of followed the sound of music. When I walked in, everything was in its right place compared to the "say it ain't so" video except for the tangerine colored walls in the kitchen and living room. In the video, the directors made the garage seem much much larger than it was. Or maybe it was the crowd of people in the garage that made it seemed smaller, it was hard to tell. The washing and drying machines are in its same place, and the carpet keeping the sound in was well kept, only in a few corners were carpet hanging carpet. from the ceiling. Due to the darkness, I couldn't really see much of the backyard, especially with a gigantic neon green squid with wings standing in place. Before I arrived I knew they were busting out with weezer songs, but when i arrived a friend of mine by the name of Sam Davis was rocking out, making heads roll with songs by the flaming lips, and modest mouse. There was a just right amount of people who showed up- not too many, and not too little. Some people came all the way from Mass.- well that's what I heard. The guy (shane O'connery i believe) who [rents] the 2226 Amherst residence presently, was jamming with Sam, and i think his very own band. Everyone thought it was a very generous gesture to present weezer fans with this opportunity to reminisce of about the days that once were at such an occasion. it still had that "home sweet home" charm from the video. it was really nice- i was even able to take some carpet home! i have an authentic weezer carpet now! I'm really glad i went to the house, not only did i have a great time, but i have something to remind me of the blue album days." ---linda

"...Yes. I go to Amherst house for party. It is kind of fun. I go in the garage. Drunk people are play music. I am having fun. i am thanking for Karls corner." ---Shawn C., from Long Beach

"...This last Sat. we drove from Flagstaff, AZ to LA just to go and see a true Weezer relic (total of about 800 miles round trip). It was such a blast! I got to talk-story with a bunch of people who used to (some still do) hang with the band. One person I enjoyed talking with was Justin (from Psoma, Nerf Herder, Avant Garde and Shufflepuck), we talked for a while about the history of the Amherst House, and man that house has some major history, tons of bands have there roots there. Justin was a very cool guy and i encourage you to listen to Psoma if you havent! I actually got to play a couple covers in the begining of the party, with a couple of guys that I never played with before, for a couple of guys who havent played together we sounded really good i thought, thank you every one who helped play! The girl who played Say It Aint So was amazing, I gave up the guitar and just sang, i didnt think she couldnt do it I had complete faith in her. After the weezer covers died down a bit i decided to pick up a square of carpet for 5 bucks but it was worth it, i got the piece right above Matts base amp in the blue album picture. I was cruzing in the back yard and ii think i found something a lot of people passed by, it was the broken lawnmower from a Blue album promo shoot, it was very cool. I continued to chill when all of a sudden a giant green octopus dragon came crashing through the door, it was soo great i couldnt stop laughing! The night got longer and the time seemed to fly by and i soon had to say good bye to the little garage on Amherst street where ten years prior four boys joined together and produced some of the greatest music of all time. This may sound lame but ill go for it any way. "Rivers I hear you sing that song" --- GAJ [WeezerHawaii]

"...okay so my friend jackie, (aim/boardname:weezerforalways) took pictures, and since she cant send them through her email, it is left for me to do the job. so here they are! enjoy! oh well i might as well explain to you the pictures. [note: these are the 13 pix with "jac" in the title] in the first picture the guy in the green striped shirt was a .commer, i forgot what his name was i think like weezerhawaii- something on that line. and the guy in the black suit red shirt, is shane, the man who owns the house presently. the guys standing next to him,i dont remember his name, but he was so good at the bass, and had funny random lyrics. inthe second picture its shane, and random guy, rocking out with sam davis in the jean jacket. third picture is some girl laughing. the fourth picture is kind of meaningless, its just sam davis and his legs, and the random guy's legs. fifth picture is of shane, sam, and random guy. and behold! the sixth picture of the gigantic neon green squid! next picture is dave (zibblit). eh seventh picture aint all that good. 8th picture is of sam busting out with the squid. 9th picture sam's friend chris gets up and signs the "i need to get laid" song. 10th picture is just the guys who played after sam, and shane, random guy. the last picture is just a photo of where the speakers were put, and you can clearly see an american flag and ac/dc board." ---linda

"...the guy with the hat is sam davis, and he should get recognition for his excellent improv on guitar. he kept me laughing all night. and that big green thing? well i don't know what the deal was with that..but it was funny as hell too. the sheer randomness made me cry. it was great." ---jackie

"...As the night went on, the music became more dismal and disorganized. Songs were started and stopped others played on for far too long. The singer sang Vines style about wanting to “get laid” over and over. It was hopeless, but at least there was still beer. Some fans cut pieces of the carpeting in the garage and then boasted on their way out about their new acquisitions. Someone even asked if the could have the shutters to the window that were on the front of the house. Justin politely told them no. Just when the party seemed to be fading, a green squid/dragon suddenly appeared and got everyone talking. The “green thing” was about eight feet tall and danced in the garage for a while. It finally made its way out into the backyard and was besieged with questions. Such as, “What are you?” “What do these tentacles do?” “Are you hot in there?” and “Did you know that you’re feet are on backwards?” Not long after, a swashbuckling pirate named Captain Taylor found his way to the backyard to entertain the masses along with the Green thing. As it turned out, the dynamic duo was in an old LA band called, “Don Knotts Overdrive.” I recalled their band name but never saw them play. Justin excitedly recalled that his old band Shufflepuck had played some shows with them and then they carried on some band talk..." ---M.

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...these pix courtesy "moderitz", "Rebecca D.", "WeezerHawaii", "weezerforalways", and "M"...many thanks!...