Karl's Corner - 06/01/2001

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6/01/01 MTV Movie Awards Rehearsal

The day started in D.C., on very little sleep, boarding some early flights to get over to Los Angeles where the MTV Movie Awards rehearsals were happening. I slept as much as I could on the plane, so I can only assume it was a good flight. Anyway, everyone eventually congregated down at the Shrine Auditorium on the USC campus in downtown L.A., where we were subjected to mass confusion as we tried to check in and get orientated. Finally we were assigned a "holding room" where we could put our bags, and eat slowly fermenting deli platters. The "Moulin Rouge" routine was behind schedule, so we watched Lil' Kim and Christina Aguliera and two other girls sing and dance their way through that remade "Lady Marmalade" song they do. I can report with some suprise that "Li'l" Kim is "Li'l" only in height, and Miss Aguliera is unsettlingly petite. Finally, they had it "down", and the set was changed over to the weezer stuff, complete with our old freind the "giant" =w= sign, which came out of hiding and learned some new tricks especially for the show! The guys ran through the song several times as technical guys and cameramen sorted out their moves, and within an hour they were done for the day. Mikey Pat and Brian did a bunch of various interviews as well, in an adjoining room filled with the weirdest furniture and sculpture I've seen in a long time...