Karl's Corner - 06/25/2001

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6/25/01 The Milkweg

...after a round of interviews and photoshoots for various publications and Holland's brand new weezer.nl website, everyone assembled at the famous Milkweg (Milky Way) club for soundcheck, and later for the rock show. There seemed to be a renewed stoke factor going on in the band on stage tonight, perhaps it was a slightly tweaked set list that made everything flow better. One change was made to the list, actually, when so many people called out for "Say it Ain't So" that the band swapped it for "Only In Dreams" in the encore. The naturally laid back Amsterdam crowd was inspred to at least some trademark weezer jumping and crowdsurfing, but mostly sang along nice and loud.

After the show we re-assembled at the nearby hotel to pack up, grab some food, and hit the bus to Paris...