Karl's Corner - 06/10/2001

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6/10/01 Welcome to London...now go do this TV show!

"Weezer played their new song 'Hash Pipe' last night to many screaming fans
at the MTV Movie Awards. This sets a new record, as it marks the first time
in 4 years that MTV has played real music." -Craig Kilborn

Upon landing in England, we had just enough time to drop off our luggage at the hotel, before heading over to a television studio to shoot the guys playing "Hash Pipe" for a show called "T4". The show is a kind of variety show that runs on Sundays and features everything from regular soap operas to, well, bands. The Stereophonics were doing their segment when we arrived, and by viewing them we realized that this was one of those "play along with the album" type gigs, like shooting a video, sort of. Everyone was tired as hell and getting a bit delirious, so they kind of just waltzed up on stage and "banged it out", and it turned out really well! Then it was finally time for food and long jet-lag naps.