Karl's Corner - 06/19/2001

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6/19/01 Rock over Copenhagen

We rolled into Copenhagen mid-morning, and discovered that the hotel was across the street from Pumpehuset ("Pump House"), the club. Nearby was a major pedestrian street market zone, so most of us got their stroll on and their snack on before getting down to the business of rock and roll. The guys did some interviews for the Denmark press after soundcheck, and foosball was enjoyed. Tonight's set again delivered plenty of the newest songs, which the Copenhagians (?) seemed to love! Of course, this was at the sacrifice of a few older songs, for which we heard several critiques, too. The guys experimented and did an unusual version of "Only in Dreams", playing only the buildup/freakout part after the vocals were done. A few in the audience seemed to scratch their heads, but most looked pretty stoked.