Karl's Corner - 06/04/2001

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6/04/01: And in this corner...in the green trunks...Weezer!

Today's stop on the "Hooptie Tour" was at an oooold school boxing arena, the Blue Horizon, which is in a beautiful old building that is apparently currently in a fight to save itself from re-development. I sure hope they can keep it going there, its just so cool! Anyway the guys did their set in a real boxing ring! The show was recorded by Y-100 for later "Sonic Sessions" re-broadcast, and the show was hyped as a "Weezer Vs. Y-100" boxing match. But no one was getting in any fights today! Everything went smoothly, and so did the autograph session too. A special "big ups" to our crew today, they had some serious stairs to contend with while getting all the gear in and out of the place, and they did a fantastic job with everything.

After the show, we all piled in a bus and headed up to NYC, where there are 3 days of weez events coming up...