Karl's Corner - 06/30/2001

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6/30/01 to Brussels for chill-out...

...arrived in Brussels about 5 PM, piled into the hotel and hunkered down. Some went to explore, some stayed in and computed on computers (like me).

...contrary to rumors that seem to be flying, the band are NOT going into the studio to make a new album in the next 2 months. They do intend to cut a new record as soon as possible, but its quite unlikely that this will be anytime before the end of the year. There is, in fact, a lot of plans on the table for touring for much of the rest of 2001, and any non-touring time will likely be used for "time off" and to write songs. As always: as soon as CONFIRMED, NON-RUMOR tour dates are known, they will be up on our tour page. We cant be responsible for any announcements that go up on other websites, and also must warn that if we post a show as "unconfirmed", that means "maybe--maybe not", and we do not recommend any ticket purchase before we have it down as "confirmed".