Karl's Corner - 06/13/2001

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6/13/01 Happy Birthday to Rivers! Radio One Session!

Today was Rivers's birthday, and he got a 'present' today that is just about his favorite thing: recording new weezer songs! Today everyone headed over to the BBC studios, to record songs for a Radio One Evening Session on the Steve Lamacq show. This is sort of like the John Peel Sessions, a different band does it every week, and these special versions of songs are featured on the air over the following weeks. The band was asked to do 4 songs, including "Hash Pipe", "Island In the Sun", and a cover. However, the guys were so excited about having an opportunity to record, that they convinced BBC to let them do all new songs! And not only that, they worked extra fast and recorded 8 songs as opposed to the required 4! It was quite a battle, but they got their way...Due to time restrictions, only 4 of the songs were polished up, and the other 4 will not see any airplay. The 4 songs that the BBC will be featuring are:

Burndt Jamb
High Up Above
Take Control
Listen Up

and the 4 "unpolished" tracks are:

Keep Fishin'
American Gigolo
Saturday Night

Since the D.C. sessions on 5/30, these songs have really tightened up! Everyone is super excited about getting the chance to do what is essentially a fresh demo. And the cool part is that some of the "demo" will be getting airplay soon! I don't know the BBC's schedule with these things, but I think that they play one song per week over the following 4 weeks, on the Steve Lamacq show.