Karl's Corner - 06/17/2001

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6/17/01 Oslo: fish, fjords, fun

We pulled into Oslo about 11 AM, checked in, and after a good round of teeth brushing, etc., it was on to explore the city on this day off. Lots of wandering around and enjoying what we found to be a really cool city. It was Sunday so most shops were closed, so the activities involved sightseeing and eating. Deep breath... Tomorrow, we return to the rock.

...And hey, don't forget to always check the "RWA news" page too (click on the right side banner up at the top) Dan works hard to keep it chock full of handy info, such as links to interviews, heads-ups on new stuff throughout the site (seen the new shirts yet?), and all kinds of useful info that I don't have a chance to keep track of over here in the corner.