Karl's Corner - 06/18/2001

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6/18/01 Oslo receives rock, reacts well.

...Today's show was at the Rockefeller Music Hall, a 1300 person capacity club that was packed to the rafters with a sold out crowd. It was cool getting back to the "normal" club show after all the Hooptie gigs and big outdoor festivals, but at the same time the guys reported feeling a little weird, like those big festival stages were starting to feel kinda comfortable. Fortunatley this band seems to do well almost anywhere you set them down! The Oslo folks were obviously overdue for the Weez and chanted along with every song except the brand new ones, which they seemed to love at first listen.

...After the show, we grabbed some suspect falafel at one of the ubiquitous "kebab" places, and me and Beebe skated some sweet metal curbs across the street. Then we were off to Copenhagen, Denmark!

...if you haven't spotted it yet, theres a free mp3 posted over on the "audio video" section. Its the demo of "Burndt Jamb" from the band's 5/30 session in Washington DC! From weezer to you, enjoy!