Karl's Corner - 08/01/2001

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8/01/01: a tasty morsel

...Heres a new video clip! This is one of the several attempts by the band to get an interview that TRL would play before premiering the "Island" video. (As we now know, Mtv never ended up using any of them, and this one is pretty funny...) It will be linked over in the Audio Video section shortly, but I just finished it and wanted you to have immediate access. There will be a RealPlayer version in the Audio Video section too. This is an Mpeg. Its pretty "lo-fi", to keep its download size down. The RealPlayer (streaming) version will be much more detailed...

so click here for the "Banned TRL Interview"! NOTE: TO DOWNLOAD THIS TO YOUR COMPUTER, RIGHT CLICK, AND "SAVE AS". please do this if you plan on watching more than once.thanks!