Karl's Corner - 08/19/2001

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8/19/01 all things considered

...well, I know everyone is eager for an update on Mikey, but I am reluctant to post up any more "unconfirmed" posts on the subject, and would prefer to post "solid" reports once the info is known...which at the moment, isn't. In the meantime, I have learned that the guys have chosen a fill in bass player, one Scott Shriner. When more is known regarding Mikey's situation and info on Scott and the overall situation, it will be here.

...October has been slated for a European Tour, which should include the UK make-up dates for the shows cancelled in July. Apparently some of these shows have somehow already gone on sale, which is definately odd, as I was just recently informed that the tour is still in the planning stage and that the shows will be confirmed shortly...While I can't actually confirm those dates that are on sale already, I can say that they do match the planned shows I've seen for those dates, so for those of you who have taken a chance and gone ahead and bought tickets, well, I am almost positive you did the right thing. When the full tour is prepared, and the confirmations are in, the dates will go up on our tour page. This should be very soon...

...now here's some shots from rehearsal last week, including a worksheet of 18 of the 23 new songs they've been working on!

...we await an edit of the new "Island" video from Spike, which was shot last Wednesday. I'm not sure when to expect it, but I imagine we'll be able to check it out later this week...Once its approved, it should be on its way to music TV stations...on a personal note, after the shoot I flew home to attend some family stuff and promptly caught a huge cold. Bah!

...me and Phoebe-dog, (who assures me she did not give me the cold)...

...ah yes, If you can handle picking up the latest Rolling Stone (Britney cover!), youll be treated to a 3 page weezer article inside.

...a few more spots where the Green Album on vinyl (and other goodies) have been spotted....

1) Lou's Records in Encinitas, CA. (possibly sold out?)
2) Hot Topic in Springfield PA (no LP, but had the hash pipe 7")
3) Best Buy in Springfield PA (no LP, but has the Hash Pipe Import CD single (w/ Starlight, I Do, and the jimmy pop remix)
4) (CORRECTION:)Yesterday & Today records is in Rockville, MD, NOT Silver Spring,
MD. 1327-J Rockville Pike, (301) 279-7007. They still have Green Vinyl, the UK 'HP' single and the US 'HP' single
5) Eastunes in East Grand Rapids, Michigan; no LP, but they have the 'hash pipe/i do' 7", 'the
good life' CD single (aus.), and the japanese version, with more imports on the way.
6) Newbury Comics in Cambridge, MA; Green Album on green wax for $18.99; US Hash Pipe 7" for $1.99; and UK Hash Pipe 7" for $5.99.
7) Newbury Comics in Bellingham MA; Green Album on green wax; US Hash Pipe 7"; UK Hash Pipe 7", plus many other imports and older rarities.
8) Lou's Records, Encinitas (San Diego) CA; 434 N. Coast Hwy 101; 1-888-LOUS-REC....has Hash pipe domestic 7" $ 1.99; Hash pipe import 7" $ 3.49; Green album domestic LP $ 11.49; Green album Japanese Cd (+1 :::bonus song) $29.99; Green album Uk Cd (+1 bonus) $23.99; The good life (aussie) Cd $ 8.99; Photograph (Japanese Ep) $ 14.49; Making noise tribute CD $ 12.99; Hash pipe (uk single) Cd $ 8.99; Hash pipe (euro :::single) Cd $ 8.99; El scorcho(Aussie ) CD $ 8.99