Karl's Corner - 08/22/2001

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8/22/01 no mucho

...hi everyone. Sorry for the relative lack of info today; I, like you, am awaiting more word on the Mikey thing and weez biz in general. Hopefully by tomorrow something will filter down, either on Mikey, the new video, the rehearsals, or all 3. But for now, we wait...Also, I'm sorry I don't know all the answers to your ticket purchasing questions....Dan, the ticket agencies and I are trying to keep each other up on the latest developments in both American and European shows, and Dan keeps the Tour page as current as possible. Thanks to all who wrote in with local "heads ups" on everything from faulty passwords to incorrect sale times.

...The first weezer show in over a month takes place this Saturday, August 25th; the "Inland Invasion" KROQ show. It looks like various obligations are going to keep me out of the loop on this one. While I ought to be getting some inside pictures and commentary from my fellow weez staff members, feel free to email in any interesting stories from your experience at the show! At this point, it looks pretty certain that Scott will be playing bass on Saturday, so let us know how it goes from the fan's perspective! By the way, I beleive the guys' set begins at 4:45 PM...

...Some more shops where the rare weez goods can be found...

1) Newberry Comics in Cambridge MA : Import and Domestic 7"s of Hash Pipe. El Scorcho, Hash Pipe, The Good Life
CD Singles, ($ 9.99), Photograph CD Single (Japan) , both UK and Japanese Green Album CDs w/ extra tracks.

2) lower level records, in East Lansing MI; green album CD(japan) $23, hashpipe CD (japan) $11, the good life CD (japan) $11

3) Sam Goody in Apache Mall, Rochester, MN. Holland (Europe) Hash Pipe CD single (with Hash Pipe, I Do,
Starlight, and the Jimmy Pop remix) "something like $12.99"