Karl's Corner - 08/04/2001

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8/04/01 this, that, the other thing; Radio Reports 17!

...well, several more fans have written in about finding The Green Album on vinyl in their area, so heres the info:

Evanston, IL: at Dr. Wax, selling for $11.99.

Raleigh, NC: at Crooked Beats, in Mission Valley.

Chicago, IL: at Reckless Records (located at Broadway and Belmont)

Amherst, MA: at Newbury Comics, selling for $17.99

Newark, De: At Bert's, on Main Street, 15-20 copies in stock.

Atlanta, GA: at Wax 'n' Facts, selling for $10.99, 15-20 copies in stock. (also have the 12" Hash Pipe remixes vinyl) (located in Little Five Points, right by The Vortex Bar and Grill). ( Also in Little Five points, Criminal Records (right next to Junkman's Daughter) has the enhanced Hash Pipe UK CD single and the Europe commercial CD single.)

Red Bank, NJ: at Black Cat Records (Green vinyl)

Burbank, CA: at Backside Records (139 N San Fernando Blvd) both Green LPs and the UK singles in stock.

Edison, NJ: at Curmudgeon Music in Edison, NJ too. (the ones at Curmudgeon have a sticker that says, "black vinyl so don't open it, JACKASS")

...as can be seen above, there are indeed a black vinyl edition, and it appears to be a "standard" version of the domestic (USA) green ones.

...Green Album Radio/Video Reports part 17: 7/31+...what YOUR requests are doing...(note the reports from 4/10-7/30 have been copied over to the "Fans' news pages")
Want to request a weezer song anywhere in the USA?
A fan has set up a handy Radio Station Contact List Page with phone #s and email links to many stations nationwide!

...Just thought I'd tell you that while I was watching UPN, some show did a
promo and used "Hash Pipe". THe promo lasted about 30 seconds but it was
just great to hear the song. I think the show was Special Unit 2.

...I was in American Eagle in the mall and "photograph" came on! I screamed "
ITS WEEZER" to my mom and everyone in the store looked at me funny. Then the
whole time it was on I was singing it so loud! It was awesome!

...On our local radio station up here in Maine, Weezer has been on the #1
slot for a few weeks now!!!!
Today "Island in the sun" and "Hash pipe" were the top 2!!!

...the local *hardrock* station 93.3 WMMR has been playing hash pipe on a
continual basis over the past few weeks. All the DJ's love the weez and are
totally supporting the green album. Now if there was only some way to play a
20 minute set of weezer and guns n roses..then that would be heaven.
I also called this other station 95.7 the mix to request weezer and they DJ
said we don't have that song (island in the sun) but he said he'd try to play
some weezer for me. He never did. more people should call and request!

...crazy thing happened on the way home from band practice, KKJZ, an adult contemporary jazz station, did a CD review on The Green Album, they played it in its entirety and listeners call in to see what they :::thought, a bunch of drunk old guys called in and said they liked it.................. i don't know whether it's a good or bad thing........ they also let the weez say "Hash", i'm thinkin' screw MTV and long :::live contemporary jazz!!!!!!!!........ nah, =w=

...hey guys just wanted to tell you that Y100 in Philly loves you guys and last
sunday i think they played a weezer sonic session. it was a concert of about
6 songs that you guys did in early june. it was great. =w= rulez!

...its Carney from NJ and i just wanted to say that Y100 in Philly has been
playing 'Island in the Sun' and 'HASH PIPE' a lot recently!!! you rock karl!
...Hey I just wanted to say that when I was in France I was watching the BMX bike championships and guess what was playing in the background? HASH PIPE!!! I was so excited!

...Hey there, today I was working at the GAP folding nonstop, when what song do
they play over the loud speaker?....Island in the Sun! I was all,"Oh my god
it's Weezer." My fellow employees didn't seem to care, but I was stoked. I
was rockin' and singin' "hip, hip" as I folded some nasty orange capri pants.
Weezer kicks ass!

...In dallas ive heard Island in the Sun at least twice a day on Merge 93.3 which is pretty cool because i only listen to the radio when im in my car

...During the whole month of August, The GAP has featured
"Island In the Sun" on their "Muzak" cd heard
throughout the whole store. Very cool--finally some
good music to hear at work!

...i live in chicago, and on q101 yesterday, i
heard hash pip played twice and island in the sun once, and that was only
from like 9-5.

...im in deerfeild beach for the week on some lame family vacation. we were
driving to dinner and we were listening to 88 point something and they had
just finished playing aerosmith - dream on, and they said, " that was the go
go's, weezer with o girlfreind, and aerosmiths dream on. " o girlfreind on
the radio, cool. rock on

...I've been trying to get our alternative station here in New Orleans, 106.7 the End, to play your single "Island in the Sun"...haven't heard it yet, but they haven't heard the last from me. Perhaps they :::need an interpretative dance performed by me in my shiny new Weezer t-shirt that I purchased at the recent Endfest. I'll let you know how it goes.

..., i'm from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, a province at the far east of Canada. Not too many people live here, even Canada couldn't care less about us, but our radio station, Magic 104 is playing Hash :::Pipe. Just goes to prove that Weezer is even talented enough to make the airwaves in the middle of nowhere.

i am from Bettendorf Iowa. My sister had made drive her to the mall to go shopping with her this afternoon, and
she dragged me into Sam Goody. It took be a bit to notice but all of a sudden I realized the were playing Weezer over their pa system. It was "Smile". it has been really really really hard to get Weezer songs :::on the radio-I heard "Hashpipe" once-so I have been left to playing my CDs constantly. So you can imagine my shock when i heard "Smile" at first i thought they were just playing the one song-but then another :::came on-to find out they were playing the whole album! I was so excited that the only thing left for me to do was wander around Sam Goody and sing along of course-it got me some odd looks from other cutomers :::and the associates working at Sam Goody-but who cares-it was awesome to find a place finally playing them and I had to celebrate!

...Well I was just watchin MTV's 20th aniversary day thing, "Buggles to
Bizkit", where they recap the past 20 years of music videos and events. So
the first thing Carson says for the 1996 portion of the show is "And right
now here's Weezer and what they were doing before Hash Pipe". Then they
played the first half of "Buddy Holly". I was really happy that they played
it, though it kinda sucked that they only showed half of it. Oh well,
something is better than nothing.Then Carson went on to say how impressed he
was when he first saw the video and how revolutionary it was, how it looked
like they had filmed it in the style of the 50s and how neat it was that
Arnold was in it. He went on for a minute, seemed like maybe he was trying
to make up for the whole giving the Weezer tickets to nsync fans thing.

...Just thought you may want to know
about a best video poll recently
conducted by MTV UK (at mtv.co.uk I
believe) to celebrate th 20th
anniversary of MTV.
Weezer's "Buddy Holly" video was no.
6 in the top 100, which is great
(despite being 5 places lower than
what it should be ha ha).

...i was picking up my birthday cake from this one store in san diego,
and it was on saturday, and every saturday, the station 91X (91.1) has what
they call "block party saturday" where they just play about 2 songs from the
same artist or whatever.. well, when i went to get my cake, i saw that it was
a weezer cake! but it sucked cause the picture wasnt edible..but hey! it was
weezer!! and when we started up our car, all of a sudden..BAM! weezer came
on!! first it was "island in the sun", and next came "buddy holly"..i thought
it was over, but then they busted out with "hash pipe" i was so stoked! and i
was so [stupid] to take this whole getting the weezer cake, and hearing
weezer coincidence, as a sign..hahah..its up to you to judge!

...I wanted to tell you that =w= is played more and more
on fm4 which really is "the only alternative" here in
Austria. Yesterday they even played "Island in the
Sun" as "one of the biggest summer-hits yet to be".
That rocks! ...On top, I watched the =w= special on viva2 on monday,
which actually was really disappointing. They showed
an interview with Rivers, which was quite cool - if
you ignored the interviewer who basically stuttered
"oh, you're so cute" the whole time. Rivers was cool
as ever, although he seemed a bit unconfortable.
they showed lots of old videos, even "el scorcho" -
but no "Island in the Sun", which I basically have not
seen yet nor on MTV Europe nor on VIVA.

...Last week on Krock (Ny, today is 7/31) weezer did good. Hash Pipe stayed at
18 this week, while Island in the sun contiues it's huge climb, now its up to
number 11. Soon I'll send you the Kroq (LA) reports, they dont appear to be
up yet.

...The other day I was doing volunteer work when "Island
In The Sun" came on kroq (92.3). It was so awesome to
finally hear some Weezer on the radio after these past
couple of years. The other people I was volunteering
with thought that I was some type of freak cause I was
so excited and I was like singing and stuff.

...i was at Ocean City, MD the other day and walked into a skate shop on
the boardwalk only to find them playing "undone". I thought wow what a
coincidence i come in when a weezer song was playin. I continued to look
around only to find out they were playing the whole blue cd. Thought that
was pretty interesting seeing that there are only like 2 radio stations that
play =w= and play it very sparingly at that.

...Despite the fact that KROQ in LA has turned into a trendy piece of crap
lately, we have some loyal weezer people over there. Weezer is off the most
requested list, but Island is the #5 most played. Thank god someone over
there hasn't given it up like MTV :P Weezer is also #7 on the "what's
selling" page.

...I was looking around at hot topic one day for a weezer shirt and i heard the
photograph. i stayed there listening to it and then came on another song off
the green album, and another. I looked around and I saw the clerk singing
along to every lyric, as well as a couple of other people banging there heads
to the =w=.It was awesome.

...I live in wichita kansas and i listen to KICT(95.1) and they never play
weezer...with all my friends hash was popular but no one knows about say it
aint so or undone or even Island in the sun
This really sucks people need to hear the Weezer goodness in wichita

...Tuned in to 91X here in San Diego like last week. They
played Island In the Sun, The Good Life (!), Hash Pipe
and Buddy Holly all in a row!!

...just wanted to say that radio104(hosts of 104fest in Hartford CT.) played
"Island In The Sun" today around 12ish. they haven't played much Weezer. so
when i heard it i immediately turned it up real loud.

...Today I desided I would try and request Getchoo, on 93.3 ktcl in Denver, And I was told that Pinkerton was "such a stiff that it is not in our system" That just gave me the perfect opportunity to put off :::all my hatred for Pinkerton haters right on them. I Explained to them that the only reason that Album is a stiff to them is because they have never heard it I mean really no one ever hears it cause no one :::ever plays it. Then she told me that she just played hash pipe which they do quite a bit and that she couldn't play weezer again for 3 hours, I couldn't help but say how come they can play the Beastie Boys :::every 20 minutes but weezer can only be played every 3 hours. I turned their little slogan right around on them before I hung up. Their slogan is "we shut the f*** up and play the music" and my slogan for :::them was "shut the f*** up and Play WEEZER!" I just hope that will change their corporate crap of whats popular and whats not and they will give Pinkerton the chance it deserves.
Rock on

...we went into my friend's
red pontiac to go...somewhere...I forget exactly where. Anyway, we
go not more than 14 feet when HASH PIPE hits 92.3 K-ROCK. The
windows were immediately put down. At that point the whole lot of us
commenced into an exciting head-banging/singing scene, while all of
the fans of cRAP and pop music looked at us like we were
weird. Ha! It was "awesome."
Later that night, Hash Pipe was playing again, and this time, as we
lowered our windows and all, we noticed that a few of the other cars
were rockin' right along with us this time. Too cool!

...Here in Dallas 102.1 The Edge has been randomly playing Undone, Buddy Holly
and Say it Ain't So. "Song writing geniuses" as the DJ put it. When I was
away from the convenience of American Radio in Spain...I was going into
Weezer recession. I was sitting in Santiago one day listening to some bands
warm up and I was thinking "wouldn't it be awesome if they just started
playing Weezer..." lo and behold 5 seconds later they started playing the
Green Album over the speakers!

...Here in Oahu the biggest Island in Hawaii Lava Rock 105.9 is playing Hash Pipe twice a day. Island in the sun is getting played every 3 hours.
97.5 Kpoi is playing Weezer. No pinkerton, but since Hash Pipe, Sweater Song is getting destroyed (play on words) with lots of play. Island in the sun is slowly gaining getting played ocassionally. Like all :::weezer fans I am corny.
I get the maui station 101.1 the point in the car and island in the sun is on every 6 hours is what the DJ said.
When I called Star 101.9 in Hawaii I asked for the new weezer song. They said oh Hash pipe. I felt like saying no dumbasses sweater song. But I didn't want to rune the reputation of all the great weezer fans :::so I said. The new Video Island in the Sun. And they said uhh we'll try 2 play it. But those bastards never did.

...new orleans....on a tuesday afternoon i hear "island in the sun" being played
on tulane's radio station, WTUL 91.5, here in new orleans. also, "hash
pipe" has had some airtime on another local "rock/alternative" station,
KKND 106.7 (and they NEVER played weezer before).

...our college radio (90.5 FM, Platteville, Wisconsin) had a "prize patrol" car out cruising tonight and my friend did cartwheels for them and won an Island in the Sun single....

...Just a little FYI: the GAP retail store has Weezer's "Island in the Sun" on their store "track" (the usually annoying club/dubbed remixes you hear when you walk into the store). It's an exciting time for :::Gap workers--finally some noteworthy music!

...It was the funniest thing! Me and a bunch of my friends were out minature
golfing and "Island in the Sun" was being played on the raido. I was my turn
to put and I was singing the song when i scored a 'hole in one' . I was like
"Is weezer good luck or what!?!" But its great they are playing the heack out of it in the bay area, Ca.
Its great!

...Yesterday I was listening to Radio 104, my local alt rock station. As you can
probably tell already, I heard Island In The Sun playing, which I haven't
heard on Radio 104 before. Of course as soon as it began, there was a massive
volume increase and an opening of windows. Just wanted to let you know!

...mtv's airing this thing called "buggles to bizkit" that covers videos from
1981 till today, and weezer's been included in it (they probably put in "hash
pipe" later on, but i only watched until year 1996 or so).
anyway, year 1995 is opened with the buddy holly video, but they only show it
up until right before the bridge (when it's "stay tuned for more happy
days'), because mtv is legally obligated never, ever to show a full music
video unless it's on at 3 in the morning. afterwards, carson praised it
profusely for about a minute, saying he was amazed by it when he first saw
it, and couldn't figure out whether it was an original happy days clip or
what original shots were used, etc.

... Philly is hearing WEEZER all the time! Y100 is playing lots of
it AND 93.3 WMMR (a rock station) was caught playing a little =W= too...

...in Chapel
Hill, NC we have 88.1..they not only play the singles, they have been known
to have all day Weezer marathons... how rad is that?? they even play songs
like Mykel & Carli and all that jazz... just thought they should get some
props as well, theres nothing better than turning on the radio and finding
yourself in the middle of some all out weezerfest

...Today was the first time I heard Island in the Sun played on the radio on 96.1 WAVF here in Charleston...Just as I reported with Hash Pipe, I was beginning to wonder when it would start to play here...Now :::there are two things to look forward to while listening to the radio...

...weezers being played a lot on
K-Rock in NYC. on their playlist this week, island in the sun has moved up
from #16 to #11 and hash pipe is still at #18. however, they still feel the
need to play staind every 3 seconds so it makes me wanna turn the radio off
and put on a weezer cd

...97.5 Kpoi In hawaii has been going nuts on weezer. they got pretty much every1 interested in weezer. a year ago kpoi would play weezer probably once a day. now if you look at their website they have a link :::about their last 50 songs, weezer is always on it. I checked every 2 hours the whole day and it looks like they play weezer every 33 songs. Or every 2 and a half hours (porbably cuz i call up and request you :::so much) The only thing that sucks is that Island in The Sun is not in rotation even though they do feature it on the 1 hour new music show.

...I'm an avid WWF fan and during the
airing of WWF SmackDown! both yesterday and last Thursday, UPN played
an ad for "Special Unit 2" -- which is one of their upcoming shows.
Anyways, the background music for the entire ad is "Hash Pipe"!

...I'm from a tiny little town called Epping, New Hampshire and my radio rock station preferences are 94.3 CYY, 100.3 WHEB, ROCK 101.1, and 104.1 WBCN... who ALL play the hell out of Weezer. I heard today on :::WHEB that Weezer is nominated for an MTV video award for Best Rock Video.

...I says to myself, "Hmmm...what's brewin on channel 19?" So I turn it on
and they're playing Buddy Holly! I screamed. And as it turns out, it was
Weezerfest, Chicago coverage. How cool is that? (I would have gone, but I
was at band camp=[) So I watched a bit of videos, they were all beautiful,
might I add, especially the Hashpipe video. I was so happy it wasn't
H***pipe. It just shows once again that crappy, low-budget, Chicago local
cable access programming kicks MTV's ass! However, the Undone video was cut
short immediately after Pat scared away that one dog to make way for the
show titled, "Rock My Ass"