Karl's Corner - 08/06/2001

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8/06/01 bustin loose; more Green on wax

...there will be some new goodies in Audio Video pretty soon, keep an eye out...

...still awaiting word on whats goin' down in the rehearsal space, and also still awaiting any word on whats up with the tour planning. Several people have written me with rumors they've heard regarding opening acts and such, but so far I have gotten NO official word about anything tour related. But we should have some solid dates and info pretty soon though!

...a confirmation that the Much Music "Spotlight" thing (august 14 at 5:00pm and 10:00pm (EST)) will indeed be on both "O.G." (Canadian) as well as the USA Much Music channel.

...more of where to find your Green wax! Vinyl Green Albums (also) available at...

1)Brea, (CA?) at Hot Topic
2)Chicago, IL at Hi-Fi (2570 North Clark) ...also Hash Pipe 7"s
3)Chicago, IL at (store next to the Metro)
4)Downers Grove, IL at Muzik Wurkz ... Hash Pipe 7", (but no LPs).
5)Fords, NJ at Vintage Vinyl. ...also have Japanese Green CD, UK Hashpipe Single on CD, European Hashpipe
single on CD, The US Hashpipe 7", and Japanese Photograph single.
6)Linden, NJ at Izzys Records
7)Milwaukee, at Atomic Records...$15.99 (sold out, ordering more)
8)Ronkonkoma (Long Island), NY, Record Stop...for $13
9)Online at cdnow.com!
10)San Diego, CA, at Off The Record....also Hash Pipe 7"
11)Quebec City, Quebec, at Platine le disquaire, 849 rue st-jean, for $22.99 Canadian ($15.03 US)....also US Hash 7" for $3.99 canadian ( $2.60 US)
12)Portland OR, at Django Records (#1 in vinyl sales there!)
13)Portland OR, at 2nd Avenue records (#2 in vinyl sales there!) ...either $11.99 or $12.99.
14)online at recordbreakersusa.com!...15$ or so not including shipping
15)Chicago, at Virgin Megastore (US Hash Pipe 7" only, no LP)
16)Austin, TX at Waterloo Records...$11.99
(some more stores listed below in earlier posts last week...)