Karl's Corner - 08/25/2001

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8/25/01 Inland Invasion

...Today weezer played a mid afternoon slot in LA's KROQ-FM "Inland Invasion" festival show. This was the first ever show with fill-in bass player Scott Shriner. I should be recieving some pics shortly, they will be added to this post after the fact. Here are some comments from folks in attendance...

"lots of sun and drunken folks in the sun since noon."

"The KROQ Inland Invasion show rocked..... An excited fan jumped on
Scott piggy-back style and it took two security guys to get him off. Sweet!"

"Let me tell you, the band was GREAT! Scott was
wonderful as well......except for the part where he got attacked on stage.
That was quite odd, all of the sudden some random guy runs across the stage
and puts Scott in a full on head lock, while Scott struggles to keep playing
the song. That was wild. The band also played two new songs!!! They didnt'
even have names to the tracks they played."

"Never have I seen in my entire life so many people come together and sing along to
"Say It Ain't So" and other songs! The two new songs sounded absolutely
great, and we know that the band is working really hard. It was really
pleasing today to hear Social Distortion give props to Weezer and what not. "

"it was so rad. The weezerfest that was held there
did poorly, no one really showed up at all. I did
however meet these 3 really cool guys from san diego
and they gave me their extra vip ticket. That was
totally great. I watched the whole show from a box
seat. I couldn't believe though that Weezer only went
on 2nd, I would at least think they go on before the
offspring or something. Their replacement bassist,
Scott, is really good and it looked like he dug the
music pretty well. Weezer played mostly "Green Album"
songs, but they played a lot of my favorites off it.
They played 2 BRAND NEW UNTITLED songs and they were
awesome. The first they played just reminded me of
some metal band. The second one was just awesome. They
played 4 songs off "The Blue Album" and none off
"Pinkerton." That kinda ticks me off."

"I recently won tickets from KROQ so I was able to be in the
pit AND I also had VIP passes to go backstage. So of course I took
advantage of this by situating myself in the very front, right between
Rivers and Brian. It seemed like the first half of the set was completely
off of the Green album, which was completely cool, and there wasn't a song
played that the audience didn't know the lyrics to! They also played two
so-new-it's-yet-to-be-named songs, which seemed to be recieved by the
audience quite nicely. (Rivers asked for name suggestions for the new
songs and my vote is "Take the love away" or simply "Away" for the second
one...) I guess the part that can't be left out is the psycho backstage man
who jumped in during a song, and ran across stage only to jump on top of
Scott while he was playing! Brian's guitar tech and some other buff guys
came out immediately to pull this guy off of Scott, but not before Bobby
ended up with a nasty scrape on his leg....(later) the lead signer in Social Distortion gave a little compliment
to Weezer saying that it was a great band. Afterwards, a friend and I went
backstage in hopes to meet Weezer,but instead ran into Brian's guitar tech
who informed us that they all left. I also saw Atom many times, which
surprised me since I thought he had his own gig now.
All in all, through the 100 degree weather, moshing, beer being thrown
around...it was all worth it. Rock on!"

(now heres a strange one...)

"I got the inside scoop on the guy who jumped on new
bassist Scott Shriners back and wouldn't let go. The guy use to be in a band
with Scott until he bailed out on bad terms to join Weezer. The guy , who's
name I won't mention because he's a friend, felt that Scott sold out on him
and left him hanging."

...on the Mikey front, so far I have no official word on any change in the situation. However I have gotten numerous "Mikey Sightings" reports from fans, ranging in location from Newfoundland (!?) to Harvard Square in Boston, to back in LA! I tend to doubt most of these stories as cases of mistaken identities, but several of the stories from the Boston area sounded reasonable, and would certainly match where we last knew he was. If he is indeed out and about in Boston, I would say that's good healthy news. Of course, when I have official word, you guys will be the first to know!

...what's going on here? 8/21, at a video shoot... NOT a weezer video shoot, however!...

...More weezer vinyl and hard to find singles spotted at...

1) Newbury Comics in Newton Mass; Green Album LP.
2) Second Coming Records on Sullivan St in NYC; 7" Hash Pipe single and the Hash Pipe import single.
3) Mod Lang Records in Berkeley, CA...the green vinyl version for $12.98.
4) The Sound Exchange, 21st & Guadalupe in Austin, TX. Green Album LP $13.99
5) Hip cat records in Wheeling Il; Hash Pipe 7"
6) Utopia on George St. in Sydney, Australia, Hash Pipe CD single, $11.95 AUS - about $6 US
7) Let-It-Be Records, Minneapolis, MN; Green Album Vinyl LPs
8) Sam Goody in the Boise ID mall, hash pipe import
9) Sonicboom Record Store and Easy Street (west Seattle Branch) both have green album on vinyl, plus the UK hash pipe singles, both vinyl and CD.
10) Sam Goody in the Bellis Fair Mall, Bellingham, WA.; Holland (Europe) Hash Pipe CD single for $13.99.
11) Park Avenue cd's in winter park, Florida; Hash Pipe 7"