Karl's Corner - 08/24/2001

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8/24/01 holy cow

...Ok folks, so far the online ticket presales have been going amazingly well! We're still awaiting figures, but it looks like WAY more tickets were sold already than anyone expected! In some cases there may have been near sellouts in a matter of less than an hour. Considering the large size of these venues this time around, everyone is really suprised. Many thanks go out to everyone who logged on and made these presales such a success!

...a reminder that there are a lot of fan organized "weezerfest" parties coming up, all over the country and world, even. Remember to check weezerfest's website for local info... remember, these weezerfests are not weezer shows, but they sure sound like a lot of fun to me!

...coming soon in "Audio Video", a BBC Evening Session mp3, as well as a video clip from the making of the Spike Jonze "Island" Video!