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Karl's Corner - 08/02/2000 (b)

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A quick update before we go back to the airport... The other day (on 8/1) the guys finished up the demo cd they had been recording during soundchecks on the west coast tour, and now copies are being prepared to go out to the producers on the list that you folks helped come up with. The band has 16 tracks ready to go, but have now been told to just send out 4 of them. Here's where you folks come in again! Email me your 4 choices from the list below, and the 4 songs with the most votes will be on the tapes! (apologies to anyone who hasn't heard the new stuff at shows or on show mp3's.)

  1. Late To Try
  2. Superstar
  3. Slob
  4. Dope Nose
  5. Preacher's Son
  6. Modern Dukes
  7. Disappointments
  8. Mad Kow
  9. Hash Pipe
  10. Yer Fun To Play With
  11. My Brain
  12. My Best Freinds
  13. Yore Sister
  14. O-Girl
  15. Ev'ry Nite
  16. Torture