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Karl's Corner - 08/06/2000 (b)

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Today was the second Summersonic Festival date, located in the Fujikyu Conifer Forest grounds... Basically a giant amusement park zone located in the shadow of Mt. Fuji, about 50 miles south of Tokyo. And the boys rocked out, and on live television to boot! Today they added "Slob" to the setlist, and it was received well by the insane crowd of 15,000. Tomorrow we are supposed to fly to Okinawa to do a different festival, also with Green Day. There is apparently a typhoon (hurricane) bearing down on Okinawa right now, so we will learn in the morning if the plan is still on or not...

...Well, after receiving a TON of emails with your song choices to send to producers, I've tallied the results and here are the top 4 vote getters.

  1. Slob
  2. Preacher's Son
  3. Hash Pipe
  4. O-Girl

Tomorrow the guys will meet with their manager (who is also here in Japan right now), and will make the final decision on which songs to send out, based on your votes and their opinions. I'll post the "final cut" tomorrow, assuming I can get online (its not so easy over here!)......and thanks for your participation!!!

...note: I received over 350 e-mails in the last 2 days, so I have basically been using all my time just catching up and tallying votes. I did read the many comments and questions regarding the upcoming east coast shows, but I have very little time to answer these recent letters. I'm very sorry that some folks were "screwed" or otherwise missed out on tickets, but please understand that there is almost nothing I can do to help... especially 3000 miles away. ...so I guess I'm saying please dont be upset if your email isn't answered. This "vote" thing really gummed up the works!