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Karl's Corner - 08/13/2000

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JET LAG... oh, man! As we expected and fought against, everyone is now staying up way too late, and accidentally sleeping in half the day. must...fight....jet..lag.. Argh!... Anyway, today I had the Docta' (Pat Wilson) work some magic on this laptop, and its like a whole new machine. Hopefully I'll be able to fufill some promises I made regarding pictures and more, soon....

...TONS of responses to the poll on 8/10!! Thanks to the over 300 who have responded to date. I'm not sure if were gonna report the results yet, but I can say that you would be suprised how many songs got both a lot of "drop" votes, AND a nearly equal number of "don't drop" votes! Plus you gave lots and lots of very helpful comments and suggestions, which will definitely be seriously considered by the band as they work on new set lists.... There will surely be at least a few minor (and perhaps one or two major) changes made, in reflection of your opinions. Again, thanks a lot for a great response! The band totally appreciates your interest and support!

A lot of people are asking for the REAL date of the Providence show... I can tell you with 100% certainty, no matter WHAT you see elsewhere, that it is on the 27th, a sunday. Yes. Thats the truth. Yes. 27th.

...Also, the guys took your many emails about ticket scalpers buying big blocks of weezer tix just to re-sell them very seriously. They have talked directly to their management and have secured a guarentee: ALL shows from now on will have a 2 ticket per customer limit. Now, I'm not totally sure when exactly this takes effect, but I assume it goes for any show that hasn't gone on sale yet. Please, e-mail me If you encounter future violations of this policy.

Special announcement for SoCal fans... Weezer will be playing a special morning show with Kevin and Bean on KROQ-FM. The show will include the guys playing several songs LIVE on the air, fully amplified and rocking out, as well as the usual morning show chatter, interviews and nonsense. This show will be taped at a SMALL club, with FREE admission to the first people who show up (to the point that the club is full). The details are as yet unknown to the band, I assume KROQ will announce this event as it comes closer... When is it happening, you ask? Sometime in September...