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Karl's Corner - 08/27/2000

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Karlscorner-20000827-a.jpg Karlscorner-20000827-b.jpg

Providence, Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel. This club ordinarily holds 1000 people, but they saw the gigantic line and decided to open up another section and let everyone who was in line in...1800 people packed in! And the show was super rocking! The crowd surged to and fro and shouted out nearly every lyric to every song. The guys rocked their asses off, and all agreed later that it was a really fun show.
...And thanks to you folks, what is especially rocking out these days is "only in dreams", back in the set due entirely to your overwhelming response to the various surveys of the last two weeks. no other song got so many requests, while getting NO requests for it to be dropped! And the guys are REALLY thankful for your insisting on it, as its now one of their favorite parts of the set.