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Karl's Corner - 08/08/2000

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This is starting to feel like a Spinal Tap tour! We were woken at 7:30 and told to assemble in the lobby. Everyone from both Weezer and Green Day stumble out of the elevators and start babbling incoherently at one another while the Japanese interpreters whisper into their cell phones with very tense expressions on their faces. We check out and are told to "stand by". After about 20 minuites of total dementia, we are all then instructed to go back to bed, Okinawa is now completely closed to the airlines and there will be no show today. Bah! Everyone now must check right back in to the hotel and are free to go for another day in Tokyo. Just about everyone mumbles incoherently and marches back to bed.... Except Pat, Jennifer, Adam (drum tech), Tim (Brian's guitar tech) and I, who go on a 6 hour walking tour to the sacred and very peaceful Meiji Shrine, plus a bunch more crazy shopping districts. An entire store devoted to Snoopy stuff!?! ...We need a rock show badly!

...Thank you for your instantaneous, multitudinous and informative responses to yesterday's question. Most of you said "4-5", by the way, and there were a lot of interesting comments that the band is definately giving serious consideration to. Thanks again. There will be another (related) question for you coming soon...