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Karl's Corner - 08/07/2000

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We didn't fly to Okinawa, the flights were all cancelled due to the raging typhoon...We might go in the morning if the typhoon goes away. If we can't go, there is talk of setting up a second Tokyo show, but no one knows if this is possible yet. So... today ended up being a full day off in wonderful (not to mention muggy) Tokyo. Wandering, shopping and eating were the orders of the day. All of Weezer, Weezer's crew, Green Day, and Green Day's crew had dinner together in this crazy restauraunt on the 52nd floor of some skyscraper. At this restaurant, they had a special open flame pit built into each table, onto which you put the food they brought. Tasty! It was nice having time to actually chill with Green Day, usually its a 3 minuite pseudo-conversation right before one band or the other goes onstage.

...Tons of people are asking me when tickets go on sale for one show or another, and other practical details about the upcoming dates. Unfortunately, I dont know this stuff, nor do I ever usually know this kind of stuff till we're actually on the tour (by which time the info comes too late to help you.) So, I'm sorry, but I'm unable to answer most of those questions...

...Well, it seems I'm asking for it again! Here's the new question, direct from the band to you: On the upcoming "east coast" tour, how many new songs would you like the guys to play in their set? They have been doing about 4 new ones out of 16 or 17 total, and are wondering if that's too many, not enough, or just right for you. as before , e-mail me with your opinion!...If you just have a number for your answer, its ok to just put the number in your subject header and leave the text portion blank. Thanks! The band awaits your input...