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Karl's Corner - 08/06/2000 (a)

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Now we're on a bus after the Osaka Summersonic festival. Everyone is eating sushi. Except me. Today's show was awesome, the huge crowd (20,000) freaked out and sang along as best they could. The guys played a 50 minute set, including 2 new songs, "Too late to try" and "Superstar". The entire set was filmed for a Japanese TV program...Rivers did his best to communicate with the crowd, having learned several handy phrases in Japanese, such as "Okini" (Osakan Dialect for "Thanks") and "genki?"("how are you?")...

The guys had a fun day wandering around at a nearby crazy shopping center, and doing interviews with various wild TV personalities. Mikey was spotted chatting with the guys from Ween, and we all watched Green Day's set before hopping on this bus. We go to Mt. Fuji, to do another Summersonic festival tomorrow...