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Karl's Corner - 08/22/2000 (a)

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Well, today was the last rehersal before the tour. It went well, but there is general unease amongst the camp regarding the producer question (many thanks, by the way for your numerous suggestions and opinions on this matter..) Rivers in particular is very disappointed that the goal of choosing a producer before the tour was not met. While it would be nice to think that they will find one during the coming month of touring, that is unfortunately a very optimistic goal for a band touring non-stop and full-time. If they are still undecided at tour's end, that could end up pushing back the eventual release of the album, as the whole schedule would be shifted ahead. Thats the last thing the guys want, but they have to accept it at least as a possibility now. The fingers are crossed...

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...well, here we are having a post rehersal barbeque to keep the spirits up and the stomachs full! ...hmm...I think I wont be modeling the chef's apron in future barbeque situations...

Well, at least we have the tour to look forward to..Just TWO DAYS till Irving Plaza, NYC!!! See you there!