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Karl's Corner - 08/10/2000

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Wow! Tonight's show at Tokyo's Club Quattro was intense! The guys raged though a blistering set as the temperature and humidity soared with the crowd's craziness. In tonight's set they busted out with "No Other One", a Pinkerton song that is seeing the light of day again after a long absence. The show ended with a freaky combination of Rivers stage diving (the first time that has happened in many years), Mikey shoving his bass into the rafters (and then stage diving), Brian exploring some feedback techniques, and Pat jumping down from the drums to add a spastic guitar solo to the mix. Rivers's glasses were lost in the stage dive and subsequent pulling back up to the stage, and he scanned the crowd in hopes of seeing those glasses. All seemed lost when suddednly a kind Japanese fan raised the battered things up over his head and into Rivers's hands! Amazing, lucky, and very cool of that person to give them back so honestly. This ended the Japan Tour, and we then retired to a sushi restaurant for a small celebration. There was much regret that some shows were cancelled, and much talk of coming back to do many more shows. But first... some buisness in America...

....New question for you to answer: In the upcoming "east coast " shows, which old songs (if any) do you NOT want to hear? In other words, which old songs are you tired of, and would rather see replaced with something else in the set? e-mail me with your suggested songs to avoid!...Thanks again for your participation!