Karl's Corner - 10/03/2001

From Weezerpedia


...A lot of folks have been demanding more of an explanation for why the Europe Tour has been postponed, and I do apologize for not explaining the situation in much detail, but I basically wasnt given much info. Its a very complex issue, of which some parts I might never know, but to sum it up in very simple terms: the record company decided weezer wasn't enough of a priority to fund the tour.

It may come as a suprise to some folks, but in almost every part of the world except North America and Japan, weezer is not (yet) at a level where they can tour "in the black", so they need the record company's help. In this case, they unexpectedly lost the support they needed, almost at the last minute. Without that support, there was no way to keep the tour operational.

One thing that seems to be forgotten by some folks is that no one in weezer WANTS to cancel or postpone a tour! Of course they feel terrible about it, and are very sorry. They were all getting ready to go when the news came through, and are just as angry and disappointed as you. As I said before, the band has had some awesome experiences over in Europe, and only wants to go over and have some more, as well as tour all over the world too. I know it seems like its taking forever, because it seems like its taking forever to us too. But we're all going to have to be patient a while longer for this. Rivers and the guys are in constant contact with the people they need to help make it happen, and beleive me, it will happen.